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Zhuzhou Shifeng urban management carried out special publicity activities for waste classification

2021-08-27 16:33:39 Red Net

Distribute garbage classification publicity materials .

Red net time 8 month 23 - ( correspondent Yan Shuting ) In order to further enhance the merchants' understanding of waste classification knowledge , Promote the classification of domestic waste in urban areas , Combined with the creation of urban management demonstration Street ,8 month 20 On the afternoon of Sunday , Zhuzhou Shifeng District Urban Management Bureau organized staff to walk into Tianhong Road, Tianxin Street , Carry out special publicity activities for waste classification .

“ Hello , We are carrying out garbage classification publicity activities , This is the information about garbage classification , You can learn about .”“ Garbage is divided into food and kitchen garbage 、 Recyclable waste 、 Other Waste 、 There are four kinds of hazardous waste , Your family runs a noodle shop , There is a lot of kitchen waste .” At the same time, the staff distributed publicity materials on waste classification to stores along the street , While explaining garbage classification in a simple and easy to understand way , Patiently answer the daily garbage classification problems raised by merchants , Actively guide merchants to participate in waste classification . By sharing garbage classification knowledge with merchants 、 Explain garbage classification “ Four categories ” FA et al , Merchants further understand the significance of waste classification , Know how to better practice waste classification , At the same time, he said that he would actively support waste classification .

It is reported that , In this special publicity campaign, a total of garbage classification was issued 200 A flyer 、200 A proposal , And distributed it free of charge 180 Two sets of classified trash cans . meanwhile , The owners of the stores near the demonstration street have actively signed letters of commitment , Indicates that the classified trash can will be better used , Used separately to discard “ Other Waste ” And used to hold “ Recyclable ”.

Deng Pingrong, deputy director of Shifeng District Urban Management Bureau, said , Shifeng District is vigorously promoting waste classification , Guide... Through publicity 、 Free distribution, etc , It can reduce the burden of stores , It can also gradually realize the full coverage of garbage sorting collection bins in street stores , Thus, it further drives the residents' consciousness of waste classification .“ We also combine urban management ‘ Three micro work ’ And the creation of demonstration Street , Strive to build Tianhong road into the first demonstration street of urban management in Shifeng District , From point to area , Further improve the urban management level of Shifeng District .” Deng Pingrong said .

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