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Is the over packaged "soul course" high quality or "cutting leeks"?

2021-08-27 16:33:43 Red Net

In recent days, , Ms. Zhu in Wuhan, Hubei, can't stand the continuous promotion and telephone bombing of wechat friends , Pieced together to borrow 15 Million yuan to buy its recommended “ Mind course ”. But after paying the money , Not only did the other party fail to deliver the course in time , Even her wechat friends and companies who had been in close contact with her have lost contact . At this time , Ms. Zhu realized that she had been deceived .(8 month 21 Japan Voice of China, CCTV )

According to Ms. Zhu , A few days ago, she bought a set of growth books through a friend's introduction and added a wechat friend . During the outbreak , The wechat friend suddenly booed her , Let Ms. Zhu participate in some free offline activities ; after , They kept calling and bombing in the early morning 、 Harass , Constantly breaking her psychological line of defense , Finally, let her pay for the courses .

Similarly, , Recently, Ms. Wei, a well-known female investor in the industry, accidentally fainted during her spiritual course , Finally, the rescue failed and died . There are different opinions on the Internet , And once again sell these at a high price “ Mind course ” To the top of the wave , Not only can such courses not help consumers relieve pressure , It also killed consumers , It's very sad . The so-called high-end of over packaging “ Mind course ”, Is it high quality or “ fleece the flock ”?

Although all kinds of training institutions have different training systems , But most of them have similar marketing methods , That is to dismantle the psychology of consumers layer by layer . Ostensibly under the guise of fancy preferential advertisements and wholeheartedly seeking benefits for consumers , In fact, it continues to induce consumers to buy their products , Make consumers feel embarrassed , Finally, I can't stand the strong marketing offensive , Out of your own pocket , Willingly be “ fleece the flock ”.

If Ms. Zhu's experience is only recommended by wechat friends “ Mind course ” Cheated out of money , Then Ms. Wei's death completely opened the of over packaging on the market “ Mind course ” Of “ A veil ”. Worth tens of thousands of “ Mind course ” Is it really high quality ? It's not , This kind of spiritual service that focuses on training to stimulate people's inner pain and emotion , In fact, it is guiding consumers on the road of being hypnotized and brainwashed . This kind of teaching method that encourages students to recall pain and stress , Although under the banner of eliminating psychological pressure for students , But in fact, it is indoctrinating the students 、 The spirit of PUA. Especially in a closed environment , It's easy for students to lose themselves 、 Deny yourself , Even let the pain and pressure of the past paralyze yourself , Eventually it becomes more and more difficult “ Spontaneous breathing ”, This is an irreparable tragedy like Ms. Wei .

What we need to recognize is , This large-scale “ Mind course ” Often the same , It is difficult to reach the standard of professional one-to-one psychological counseling , The strong marketing team behind it is to support such “ Mind course ” Foolishly “ Secret weapon ”. meanwhile , These teams also conduct subtle marketing and publicity in the course , Let students recruit new students for the organization free of charge , Let their relatives and friends become the “ Mind course ” Of “ leek ”.

In the face of “ Mind course ” When selling , We need to polish our eyes , Identify authenticity , Never go into the pit , Stop loss in time , And not for false propaganda “ Mind course ” hit call shout slogans . Besides , The regulatory authorities shall conduct a comprehensive inventory of spiritual training institutions , The design of course content should be strictly reviewed , Strengthen supervision , Help people sort out the truth , Do not let non professionals and MLM organizations who confuse fake with real go unpunished .

writing / Li Jianyun ( Hunan Normal University )

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