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Kia ev4 hypothetical picture exposure or debut in 2022

2021-08-27 16:33:55 Yiche original

Easy car - recently , We got Kia from foreign media EV4 Imaginary map of , According to reports, the size of the new car may be similar to that of Mercedes Benz EQA Quite a , The products are also mainly aimed at the European market , From the hypothetical picture ,EV4 The design is relatively simple and neat , No complex lines outline , It looks very clean . According to the speculation of foreign media , New car or in 2022 Released in ,2023 Sales began in .

kia EV4 Imagine a picture

kia EV6

In the hypothetical diagram EV4 It has the exclusive design style of Kia pure electric family , The design style of its headlamp group is similar to EV6 similar , However, as SUV models , kia EV4 The front of the car looks a lot bigger , The overall appearance is stronger . At the back of the car , Kia's family design style is more obvious ,C The identification degree of the tail lamp group composed of the type tail lamp and the central through type tail lamp is quite strong , And the rear part has a bulge angle , Add a younger element to the whole .

EV4 Will be based on Hyundai Kia's electric vehicles E-GMP Platform to build , Refer to the same platform EV6 data , kia EV4 Or provide 58kWh and 77kWh Battery capacity version , Be able to offer more than appointments 482km Range of . The maximum power of the dual motor version is expected to be 321 horsepower , Available in single motor version 226 horsepower . Charging efficiency ,77kWh Version of the model 10%-80% The charging time is only 18 minute .

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