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Tank 600 was officially renamed and tank 500 will be unveiled at Chengdu auto show

2021-08-27 16:46:23 Yiche original

Easy car - 8 month 23 Japan , Tank officials officially announced its new medium and large-scale off-road vehicle SUV Renamed tank 500, The new car has been put into production at the Great Wall Hubei Jingmen production base a few days ago , And will be in 8 month 29 It was officially unveiled at the Chengdu Auto Show opened on the th .

Different from tanks 300 Design language of , The overall design of the new tank model is magnificent , Fit with larger body dimensions , Bring outstanding visual feeling , It is also in line with people's understanding of “ Off-road vehicle ” The impression of . For this design , Officials say it is inspired by ancient Chinese royal architecture .

The hexagonal chrome plated air intake grille of the new car is extremely tensioned , Embedded tank brand logo , The muscle line of the hood , Bring a feeling of holding your head high , Strong brand recognition .

The side design of the new car is full of style , Multi flat straight line , Concavo convex has rich layers , And equipped with bright chrome plated rim . The biggest surprise of the tail is the design of the external spare tire , Let the whole vehicle have a more “ Wildness ”, Highlights its off-road SUV The positioning of .

Dynamic part , The new tank model is the first one equipped with 3.0T+9AT The models , The maximum power of the whole vehicle is 260kW, Peak torque reached 500N·m.

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