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Bugatti: in the future, it may launch long head double door coupe and SUV models

2021-08-27 16:46:27 Yiche original

Easy car - In recent days, , According to foreign media reports , The newly established Bugatti - Ruimark (Bugatti-Rimac) company CEO Mate Rimac In an interview with the media , In the future, Bugatti's product series may be expanded , It may include a long head coupe and SUV New products including models .

Atlantic Concept car

When it comes to Bugatti's brand planning in the future ,Mate Rimac Express , Will bring some crazy products that no one has ever thought of , For example, the long head coupe mentioned just now , In fact, Bugatti has shown the same ideal before Atlantic Concept car , It is a typical front and rear drive layout, body proportion .

meanwhile ,Mate Rimac We also hope that Bugatti's product lineup will be more diversified , So in order to expand the product line , Introduction SUV Models are also possible , Due in 2020 Years ago , Bugatti may also launch a new all electric model , And is still developing new hybrid systems . Next ,Chiron May face a new generation of products .

About Bugatti - Ruimark (Bugatti-Rimac) company , Let's give you a simple science popularization .

stay 7 At the beginning of the month , Porsche and remaker agreed to set up a joint venture including Bugatti , Project cooperation can be called the perfect combination in the field of super running . President of Porsche's global executive board, obermer (Oliver Blume) Founder and CEO of ruimark Mate Rimac Signed relevant agreements , And announced that the name of this super sports car manufacturer is “ Bugatti - Ruimark (Bugatti-Rimac)”.

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