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The budget is about 400000. Is the BMW ix3 worth buying?

2021-08-27 16:55:25 Oriental Information automobile

Today, a friend asked the author , Money holding 40 Ten thousand yuan or so , Want to buy a high-end pure electric SUV, Give me a recommendation , Then my recommendation is —— BMW iX3, What happened to the car ? Be patient and read down , It has its own answer . BMW iX3 Manufacturer's guide price :39.99 ten thousand -43.99 Ten thousand yuan from the appearance , BMW iX3 Modeling and X3 Keep a high degree of consistency , There is not much freshness . Just added some details i Exclusive elements of the series , Keep the classic design and integrate the sense of Technology . The double kidney grille on the front face is changed to a closed design , The interior shall be decorated with blue trim , Depending on the light angle, it can show a gradient effect . The black front surround is from X3 It's inherited from me , Slender and irregular air guides are also added on both sides , The overall athletic temperament has not been reduced .

Body dimensions and dimensions X3 It's a little different ,iX3 Increase in length 4746mm, The height is reduced to 1683mm, Wheelbase remains unchanged . There are also... At the side skirt i Series of blue trim , Pair it with the double waistline at the top , Enhanced body layering . The change of the rear mainly comes from the surrounding area under the bumper , The blue trim panel replaces the exhaust funnel , The shape is similar to the diffuser , It acts as a spoiler .

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