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Monthly sales less than 200“ How much did Ford Focus suffer from the "three cylinders"?

2021-08-27 17:04:02 Oriental Information automobile

Only a short while ago , Mention about 100000 sports family cars , No one knows the name of fox . With good appearance and handling , The sales of classic fox in the automobile market were booming at that time , Once occupied the top of the sales list . But times have changed , With the trend of youth becoming more and more violent , Now all auto companies are aiming at the sports tendency , No matter the appearance or interior , Cash fox is not as amazing as it used to be . In addition, the strategic blunders of Ford manufacturers , Fox with three cylinder engine , The sales volume has fallen into the low valley of sales . Need to know , Once Fox's monthly sales volume could reach 2 ten thousand + The team , According to this year 6 Monthly sales data , fox 6 Monthly sales only 141 platform , Like a cool trend . At this pace , It's only a matter of time before the fox model goes out of the market . Past sales “ king ” Evolved into sales “ Death ”, People can't help but wonder what fox has experienced in recent years ?

Just from the appearance , The front face of cash fox is still beautiful , Adopt family design style , Martin's face still feels good . Iconic hexagonal cellular network , Enhance the movement breath of the front face . Headlamp interior T The zigzag daytime light adds a touch of beauty to the front face , At the same time, it also enriches the sense of hierarchy inside the lamp group . The blackened movement below surrounds , There's a fox ST It's the inside taste of , Visual horsepower increases at least 10 horse .

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