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The discount is up to 13000 yuan. The 2021 Mazda cx-4 real car is good for family travel

2021-08-27 17:09:48 Oriental Information automobile

We recently conducted a shop visit in Nanyang, Henan Province , By understanding , We found that 2021 paragraph Mazda CX4 It has a relatively good preferential margin . The highest discount 1.30 Ten thousand yuan , Naked car prices as low as 13.68 Ten thousand yuan . We also photographed 2021 Mazda in paragraph CX-4 Real vehicle diagram of , Let's see .

aesthetic , The style is strong and the overall shape is quite dynamic and avant-garde , In line with the current aesthetic trend . Front part , The lattice air inlet grille design is adopted , The perimeter is decorated with silver trim , It has a good visual effect . The design of the headlamp group is unique , Full shape . The protruding lines above the hood have a good sense of muscle .

The body side , More abundant rib lines are added on the side of the car body , Driving in different environments can present different visual effects . The sports atmosphere is good , Basically meet the aesthetic requirements of current consumers . The lines on the body surface are smooth and dynamic , The roof forms a full arc .

Tail shape , The entire tail is connected by a slender chrome trim strip , It has a relatively broad design . Rear part , Echo with the headlight set , Excellent identification . Exhaust layout , The layout design of two sides and two outlets is adopted .

The interior , The instrument panel of the car presents a unique design style , The information display is clear and intuitive , Three ring design plus digital driving display 、 The suspended central control screen has a good scientific and technological atmosphere . The central control area has a strong sense of hierarchy , Clear physical key damping .

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