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The maximum discount is RMB 2000, starting from RMB 111800. The fashionable shape of Lingke 03 is more eye-catching?

2021-08-27 17:09:51 Oriental Information automobile

A car dealer in Chaozhou recently announced Led the g 03 Preferential prices in the region : At present, Lingke 03 The highest discount for car purchase 0.2 Ten thousand yuan ,11.18 From ten thousand yuan , The specific selling price information is shown in the figure below :

Review link 03 Basic information of . aesthetic , Led the g 03 The overall shape of the continues the Lingke family design language . Its front face is equipped with split headlights , The vertically placed daytime running lights stand on both sides of the front of the vehicle . The high and low beam headlamps are hidden inside the front grille . It looks very personal , It's discernible . The side of the body adopts a straight double waist line design , It seems that the whole body is very sharp . The flying wing structure on the rear trunk cover brings a good sense of motion , The grid structure of the lower eight character structure is also a very novel design method . The interior part adopts the family interior design style , It is not very different from other Lingke models . The interior workmanship and materials can be regarded as high-grade , The center console is more inclined to the main driving position . It also shows that Lingke 03 Pay more attention to the driver's experience . As a young sports car , Led the g 03 The seats are made of leather + Artificial leather 、 Artificial leather 、Alcantara( Chamois leather ) texture of material , also 2021 This model is equipped with electric adjustment of the main driver's seat as standard . motivation , Led the g 03 Carrying 1.5T Turbocharged engine , The maximum engine power is 180 horsepower , Peak torque 265N.m, matching 7 Double clutch gearbox . The test drive experience part , I think it's necessary to break the routine once , Let's not talk about power and chassis , But first share with you the next link 03 Brake system and tire configuration on . When a car shows its best handling , If you don't have good tires to provide grip , Even if the engine performance is strong , The suspension alignment is perfect , Aerodynamics is excellent , It doesn't work at all . And no matter how fast , No matter how powerful , Without a strong braking system , It's very easy to get out of control . therefore , Tires and brakes are important . configuration , Led the g 03 Owner / Co driver's air bag 、 Front side balloon 、 front / Rear row airbag 、 Lane departure warning system 、 Lane keeping assist system 、 Take the initiative to brake / Active safety system 、 front / Rear parking radar . Xingruiduo tire pressure display , Led the g 03 More parallel auxiliary 、 Road traffic sign recognition 、 Reversing car side warning system . And the configuration is equipped with 360 Degree panoramic image 、 Cruise control 、 Full speed range adaptive cruise control 、 Hill auxiliary 、 Automatic parking 、 Keyless boot system 、 Remote start 、 The window of the whole car rises and falls with one key 、 Rain sensing wiper 、 The automatic air conditioning 、 Temperature zone control 、 In vehicle PM2.5 Filter unit .

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