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At present, the maximum discount for Audi q2l is 59000 yuan, starting from 159800 yuan. Is it worth starting?

2021-08-27 17:09:56 Oriental Information automobile

A car dealer in Dongguan recently announced audi Q2L Preferential prices in the region : Current Audi Q2L The highest discount for car purchase 5.9 Ten thousand yuan ,15.98 From ten thousand yuan , The specific selling price information is shown in the figure below :

Review Audi Q2L Basic information of . aesthetic , audi Q2L Using family design language , Multiple chrome plated trim strips are transversely arranged inside the air inlet grille , Use a stronger chrome wrap around , Fashionable style ; The two headlights are fashionable , And embed LED Day light belt , Super high recognition after lighting ; meanwhile , The shape of the lower air inlet is also dynamic , The design of the front face is full . The body side lines are smooth and three-dimensional , With the powerful waistline running through the body , Create a sports car style , Show the inherent fashion . The rear of the car , Many models now deliberately , Widen the visual of the tail shape , It makes people look more atmospheric . But the new Audi Q2L Didn't drift with the tide , Still adhere to this exquisite feeling . Especially the tail lights on both sides , Match the Audi logo at the rear of the car , It makes people look very symbolic . Exhaust layout on one side below , To a certain extent, it improves the sports performance of the whole vehicle . interiors , The new car continues to use the suspended central control screen and the central control layout inclined to the driver's side , The application of physical keys and large-area white space make the car more tidy . motivation , audi Q2L carrying 1.4T The engine , Maximum horsepower is 150 horse , Peak torque is 250 Cattle meters , matching 7 Double clutch gearbox , Breaking 100 8.7 second , It is still a familiar hair change combination , Reliable quality . Keyless entry and start function 、 Lord / Co driver's seat electric adjustment 、 Seat height adjustment 、 Lumbar support 、 Leather seats 、 Cruise control 、 Interior atmosphere lamp 、 Internet of vehicles and other functions need to be optional , Even entry-level models , It also lacks the feeling and taste of luxury cars .

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