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Home SUV also depends on these two models. V6 engine has strong power. Which one do you prefer?

2021-08-27 17:09:58 Oriental Information automobile

With the improvement of people's purchasing power , Medium large scale SUV The models have achieved good sales . In the past two years, there are fewer and fewer models equipped with large displacement self-priming engine in the domestic market , Today we will know two kinds of equipment 6 Medium and large cylinder engines SUV, These two paragraphs SUV In addition to equipped with 6 The cylinder engine has strong performance , There is also a car with imported quality . The first 1 A red flag HS7 Medium configuration above The red flag HS7 carrying 3.0T Of 6 Cylinder engine , Price range: 34.98~45.98. The engine is supercharged , The engine speed reaches 3200RPM Can output 445nm Maximum torque of , The rated power of this engine reaches 248 kw , The red flag carries 8 Self - contained gearbox . This model weighs more than 2 Ton model 7.8 You can complete 100 km acceleration in seconds , Red flag also provides unlimited mileage for the first owner / Quality assurance .

The red flag HS7 The positioning is medium and large SUV, The dimension data is 5035×1989×1778mm, Wheelbase up to 3008mm, The whole system adopts 5 A layout , The interior of the car is spacious . The configuration of this car is richer than that of German cars at the same level , The whole system is equipped with reversing image ,6 Driving mode switching , The top model also has suspension height 、 Soft and hard adjustment , Let this car have good off-road ability , Other utility configurations include remote boot ,12.3 Inch LCD dashboard ,Alcantara Leather seats and other configurations .

The first 2 Grand Cherokee Grand Cherokee guide price 52.99~71.49 ten thousand , This is a pure imported model , The whole system is equipped with 6 Cylinder self-priming engine ,3.0 L engine energy output 234ps Maximum horsepower ,3.6 L engine energy output 286ps Maximum horsepower , All standard 8 Self - contained gearbox , The fuel consumption per hundred kilometers is 9.8 l ,JEEP This car is equipped with full-time 4WD and multi disc clutch differential as standard , Unfortunately, the body adopts load-bearing body structure , The body rigidity is average .

The Grand Cherokee offers 5 seat 、7 There are two different seat layouts , You can choose according to your own needs , The whole series is equipped with knee airbag as standard , Doubling the auxiliary , Reverse vehicle side warning , Cruise control ,4 Driving mode switching , Air suspension , Center differential , Electric trunk , Shift paddles , Active noise reduction , Satellite navigation and other configurations . The length, width and height are respectively 4828×1943×1792mm, Wheelbase up to 2915mm, Good loading capacity , The maximum volume of the luggage compartment reaches 1554 l .

The above two models are medium and large SUV Are representative products , Despite the red flag HS7 The price discount is not big , But the red flag logo can fascinate . The price preference of Grand Cherokee is up to 11 All around , The guide price of the lowest equipped model has fallen to 40 All around , Cost performance is higher than that of medium-sized luxury SUV.

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