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The flagship strength of world-class CMA architecture is 200000, and there is almost no rival to test drive Geely Xingyue L

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When Columbus told mankind that the earth was round , Everyone doesn't believe it , But when Magellan proved the earth circle theory with circular navigation , Be determined “ geocentrism ” People's inherent understanding of the world has collapsed . When Geely Automobile tells consumers with its own products again and again , Our Chinese brands have begun to surpass foreign brands , Many people also don't believe . When Xingrui began to subvert the compact car market , And use the monthly sales of more than 10000 units to gradually prove their value , We may still be skeptical .

So when the star gets older L Start to subvert the compact SUV market , And also use the monthly sales of more than 10000 units to send a subversive signal to China and even the world's auto consumers , We can still stick to the old, such as “ The joint venture brand is good , The independent brand is poor ” Cognition ?

It's time for Chinese consumers to subvert their inherent cognition ! In the last few years , Many new changes have taken place in China's automobile industry .“ electric 、 Intelligent networking ” Gradually from all channels , image “ Viruses ” The same goes everywhere , Into our spiritual world . In the past few years , We no longer propose “ Overtaking in curve ”, Start to mention “ Lane change overtaking ”. this “ Avenue ” Refers to “ electric ”.

Geely cars are different . If we recall the development route of Geely Automobile, we can find , Geely may also be one of the vehicles waving flags and shouting on the overtaking route , But they think more about how to be like Su Bingtian on the original track , Run forward faster . Although every acceleration , It means paying several times more effort than others . In this difficult process , Geely even received cold eyes and ridicule .

2021 year 7 month 20 Japan , Geely cars in Xingyue L It was first put forward at the listing press conference CMA Based on three models under the framework , establish “ Chinese star ” Model matrix . Xingrui 、 The more stars S、 The more stars L These three paragraphs CMA Architecture models began to huddle , Merge into “ Percussion drill ” The form of , Plunge into the most comfortable joint venture brand 10-20 10000 yuan price range , Start from the joint venture brand has enjoyed 20 In the multi-year dividend market , Break the iron wall , Put the flag in the most prominent position , Accept everyone's eyes , Although there are many losers , It doesn't matter .

Perhaps many people think that Geely's approach is undoubtedly “ I'm so stupid ” Behavior , Clearly know the advantages of the joint venture brand can not be shaken , But we still have to go our own way to meet the difficulties , Even put yourself directly into a situation where there is no retreat .

But have we ever thought about , It is precisely because of such an unattainable goal and a strong opponent , Geely cars can be surrounded by strong enemies , In the extremely competitive market, the more we fight, the more we are brave ? therefore , When the stars grow L With the sales volume of more than 10000 units in one month after listing, we began to sell to the market , Continue to convey to Chinese auto consumers “ subversion ” Signal time , We may really have Chinese car brands in our hearts , Even the root of the rise of China's automobile industry . Who in the end said that Chinese brands are not good ? Who is convinced that the foreign moon is rounder than China ? Geely Automobile Co., Ltd , China's automobile industry is not satisfied ! How about a competition ?

Surpassing competitors in terms of driving control feeling has always been the weakest link of Chinese brands , And the more stars L To break the inherent perception of poor driving control , You have to overtake from this track . Then try .

The test drive can be regarded as an auspicious star L One of the most popular versions ,2.0TD+7DCT EVO Two wheel drive flagship , What is offered is 2.0TD Medium power engine , The most powerful 160kW, Maximum torque 325Nm, matching 7 Fast wet double clutch gearbox , Official guided price 16.52 Ten thousand yuan . According to our previous inquiries from local dealers in Beijing , At this stage, Xingyue L The landing price is the guidance price +15000 yuan , That is, the land price 17 Ten thousand yuan .

For Xingyue L, During the test drive, if it is positioned at 20 Below 10000 yuan , You will feel from the bottom of your heart that you underestimate it , You are bound to compare its driving texture with the mainstream joint venture brand compact SUV Contrast , And the main selling models of these models , Often more than 20 Ten thousand yuan .

The more stars L This set of powertrain , In terms of adjustment, we have reached the level of reaching the realm of perfection , This is also a world-class CMA Architecture platform from the inside out , Bring the latest advantages to Geely brand , It is also the best embodiment of Geely Automobile “ Chinese star ” High value core of vehicle model . In actual driving , Whether it's the explosive capacity of the engine in the initial stage , Or acceleration in the middle ,7 Speed wet double clutch gearbox can accurately get To the driver's intention , And complete the instructions with the most appropriate performance , Press the accelerator pedal , Downshift , To speed up , With one . meanwhile , In the high-speed section , because 2.0TD The engine has sufficient power reserve , The more stars L It can also be on call when the driver needs power .

The more stars L Although it tends to be adjusted at home , But there is still a kernel to ensure control . In terms of chassis adjustment , The more stars L Not blindly pursuing comfort , Instead, it pursues the balance between driving control and comfort , Thus forming the present set of star Yue L Your tuning wisdom , Enough to surpass the adjustment wisdom of joint venture rivals at the same level in most fields . It should be mentioned that , The more stars L The chassis adjustment is controlled by Geely CEVT International team to build .CEVT The team is mainly composed of Volvo cars 、 Geely Automobile's senior technical talents participate in .

For example , When we pass some speed bumps , At a very slow speed , The feedback from the chassis is quite comfortable , Not very hard , But to complete the crossing in a very natural bumpy state . When we pass with a little speed , The feedback from the chassis is straightforward , Without too much bounce and vibration .

Because of our test drive 2.0TD The two wheel drive flagship is equipped with BOSE The sound system , It has active noise reduction function and uses double-layer angle glass , So in daily driving , It's hard for us to hear engine noise and wind noise , In the high-speed section, you can hear some tire noise from the bottom of the car , The advantage is that the car has a fairly high level of quiet environment , But at high speeds , We can hardly hear the roar of the engine ( It doesn't seem to work if you go too far ), Only dull engine noise can be heard .

As SUV models , The more stars L The steering is quite sensitive . As long as we swing the steering wheel a little , The vehicle will have very direct feedback . The advantage is that it can give us a more direct sense of control in daily driving , And as the speed increases , The sensitivity of the steering wheel is also adjusted . however , Being too sensitive also brings some shortcomings , Too much body swing may affect our daily driving comfort .

Compared with mainstream joint ventures at the same level SUV, We dare not say that the star is more L The overall driving quality of has completely surpassed , But at least we can think that the star is more L Not losing at all , Even some fields have indeed completed anti transcendence at a speed visible to the naked eye . meanwhile , We also need to know , The more stars L Surpassing in driving is still only one part of the overall quality of the car .

We often say , The design belongs to “ Different people have different opinions ”, But for the “ beautiful ”, Most people should still have a consistent vision . In shape design , The more stars L It is one that can cater to the preferences of the vast majority of people , At the same time, it is also a set of design that can greatly improve brand recognition .

The front of the car is definitely the kind that people can remember at a glance , Straight waterfall type large-size air inlet grille , With silver inside 、 The details of black light and shadow , And still preserve the auspicious 3.0 The iconic design of the times , Give new life to old genes .

The more original headlamp design must also be able to catch the attention of many passers-by . Segmented LED Daytime running lights are not unprecedented , But it can be said that there will definitely be someone after . This new bold segmented grille design , With internal oblate lens , Give a person a kind of “ Back To The Future: The Game ” The feeling of .

The more stars L Not using too much SUV Elements , It's still a regular one SUV Style design . It is worth mentioning that , The shape of sliding back and the emergence of tail , It can better reflect the more stars L Luxury in design .

Compared to the front and side , The more stars L The design of the rear of the car tends to be relatively common , The tail lamp group of energy crystal is matched with the through lamp belt , The visual center of gravity at the rear is locked in the middle ,“GEELY”、“ The more stars L” The word mark shows your identity .

A good-looking and durable model can quickly make people feel good about the vehicle itself , The more stars L Obviously, there is such a condition . The more stars L The beauty of may start from the appearance , But not just the appearance , The subversive design of the overall interior , Maybe it can make people order with one click .

The model we test drive this time is not equipped with Cuiyu magic color package , So you don't have a suede interior , It's the standard interior color matching of white and brown . meanwhile , It should be noted that , The more stars L This white brown interior , It is also favored by many users at the dealer side . in other words , Even if it's not worth 5000 Yuan's Cuiyu blue appearance and interior , The more stars L It also has strong competitiveness .

Enter Xingyue L In vehicle , What comes into view must also be all 12.3 Inch LCD triple screen , Plus AR-HUD Head up display screen , It forms a four screen linkage system in the vehicle , It can be said that in the current mass production vehicles “ Screen of ” The largest model .

The more stars L It's Geely galaxy OS The first model of the system , It adopts the current vehicle specification chip , Qualcomm Xiao dragon 8155 chip , This may also be the realization of Xingyue L Current prerequisites for four screen linkage . in addition , The function division of the new car's three screens is very clear , And the resolution of each display screen has reached a very high level , Absolutely unexpected performance .

The functions of the three screens in the normal state are clearly distinguished ,12.3 The content presented by the inch digital instrument is mainly the content of the traditional instrument panel , Including speedometer 、 Tachometer , And the auxiliary driving function area 、 Lane keep 、 Navigation information 、 Gear information, etc , The information content is clear at a glance .

12.3 The contents of inch central control operation screen do not reserve physical keys , All functions are integrated into the screen , The knob is reserved for driving mode selection only . The advantage is that the improvement of intelligent level is obvious , However, too much integration in the interior reduces the convenience of our daily operation .

copilot 12.3 The main function of the inch screen is to play video , You can watch videos during travel , Support individuals at the same time VIP Account number, etc , Watch the video without advertising . It is worth mentioning that , Because the test drive is equipped with BOSE The sound system , The sound level in the car is very high , Make watching videos more immersive .

In addition to being the top in the industry in terms of technology configuration , Doing work 、 In terms of materials , The more stars L Also pursue perfection . Our test drive is a white brown interior , All leather seats ensure comfort , The suede ceiling design highlights Geely's focus on user experience regardless of cost , Never let go of any detail .

As a compact five seater SUV, The more stars L The wheelbase has reached a real 2845mm, Reached a leapfrog level , So we don't have to worry about space . There is plenty of space in the front row , The back row space is also enough for families , At the same time, it also leaves a lot of space for the rear compartment , And support the seat completely inverted , It can meet almost all the scenarios we use everyday .

At the end :

Whole test drive process , The more stars L It will make you very eager to drive at the beginning , And during the test drive , Make you more interested in the vehicle itself , And not limited to driving , And the adaptation to the auxiliary driving function , Gradually understand the interior function , Familiarity with vehicle driving control , So that you can be more L Develop a sense of dependence in a short time . From the test drive star L, You can clearly feel , Smart cars don't have to be electric , In the field of fuel vehicles , Intelligence can also be at a high level 、 High quality finish . When we immerse ourselves in the test drive star L When , From the bottom of our hearts, we will find ,30 Wan's driving control may be just like this .

The development of Geely Automobile in recent years is very clear , The quality of its flagship products has also increased rapidly with the naked eye , It's hard to turn a blind eye . When the stars grow L The listing of has brought compact to Chinese consumers SUV The latest choice , Geely's strategic goal has been achieved . We do not deny the advantages of the joint venture brand in car manufacturing , It is also undeniable that the driving texture and product level need to be polished in time , But what we need to know is , The growth rate of Geely's products has been growing at a high speed that does not conform to the law of enterprise development , So that in less than 30 Within a year , You can face up to century old car companies PK, And complete beyond . Famous Anti Japanese drama “ Strong-arm reaction ” Li Yunlong said , Between two Xiake , Even if you know your opponent is strong , Dare to light your sword . No sword , We didn't win the chance . Only dare to light the sword , To fight a war . Today's stars are more L The sword is shining , Does the opponent really have Parry power ?

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