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SAIC Volkswagen's new Tiguan l was officially launched, with a small adjustment of 215800 cases both inside and outside the market

2021-08-27 17:19:13 Vehicle vision technology

Beijing time. 8 month 20 Japan , SAIC Volkswagen's new Tiguan L Officially listed , New car launches 8 models , Among them, the fuel version 6 paragraph , Price range: 21.58-28.18 Ten thousand yuan ;PHEV models 2 paragraph , Price range: 25.78-26.88 Ten thousand yuan .

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1. The new car is a medium-term change , Slightly optimized for appearance and interior

2. The new car will still be equipped with a variety of power options

New Tiguan L The appearance design of the new car is consistent with that of the overseas version , Standard Version and R-Line The kit version has two appearance shapes . The overall shape becomes more refined and sporty , The outer corner of the lamp increases “ Eyeliner ”, The daytime running light becomes double L type , It is connected with the horizontal trim strip of the China Grid , This is also the latest design language of the public . Lower sides “C” The big mouth bumper with type opening is very recognizable , The black filling inside makes it more powerful , Stronger impact .

The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4733(4735)/1839(1859)/1673(1677)mm, The wheelbase is 2791mm, Compared with the old model , The body length has increased . in addition , The new car will be equipped with 18 Inch wheels , High configuration models will be equipped with 19 Inch wheels .

The rear of the car has not changed much ,R-Line The version uses exhaust decoration with four sides , With red reflective strips running through the rear of the car , The tail Logo The next convenience is “TIGUAN L” The letter of , More popular .

New Tiguan L The interior has changed a lot ,12 With the addition of inch suspended central control screen and rich interior leather color scheme , It looks younger and more dynamic as a whole . meanwhile , The number of new cars has increased 30 Color atmosphere lamp system , With lane centering 、 Adaptive cruise and other auxiliary driving systems , also “ Hand off steering wheel monitoring ” function , Ensure driving safety , Take the initiative to brake 、 Collision warning and other functions will not be absent .

motivation , New Tiguan L Will continue to provide 1.4T、 Low power 2.0T、 high power 2.0T And based on 1.4T The plug-in mixing system of the engine . among , Low and high power 2.0T The maximum horsepower of the engine is 186Ps and 220Ps,1.4T The maximum horsepower of the engine is 150Ps.

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