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The mid-term modified Lexus es is coming! Appearance change is the focus

2021-08-27 17:20:13 Oriental Information automobile

Speaking of second tier luxury brands , Lexus is an unavoidable name , As a luxury brand of Toyota , Its quality has always been guaranteed , its lexus ES models , Sales are very impressive . And more recently , lexus ES Meet us for the medium-term change of , Appearance change is a bright spot .

For luxury brands , Good appearance is the basic quality , lexus ES This change focuses on a wave of appearance , The luxury index has greatly improved , First of all “ Supersonic streamer metallic ” and “ Supersonic iridium silver ” Two new car paints , Bring the improvement of texture , Then there are new changes in grid design , The spindle grid is filled with L Cross grain design , With the optimized headlamp group and new style rim , The whole looks more harmonious and elegant . At the same time, the wheel hub design of the new car has been upgraded , Other details are similar to the current model .

But in the back of the car , lexus ES This change has not made much change , It's still the familiar hidden exhaust layout . The tail light is a bright spot , Inside “L” Shape design , It brings ultra-high recognition . In the face of such a new Lexus ES, Do you feel excited ?

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