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Cheap but not good? Is the 60000 yuan automatic geely vision really worth buying

2021-08-27 17:35:07 Oriental Information automobile

In the domestic auto market , There is one important thing in common among the models with very good sales is that they are cheap , After all, cars are mostly a means of transportation , Don't invest too much in this , So we need a fuel-efficient car at this time 、 durable 、 Cheap sedans to meet the requirements , For example, today's geely vision .

The appearance of geely vision is quite fashionable , The blackened polygonal mesh is decorated with Silver Chrome around , Show a certain sense of refinement , Connected to headlights on both sides , Elongated the horizontal visual effect . From the side , The design of this car is relatively simple , The waistline is simple and smooth , The window edge is decorated with black trim strip , Improve recognition . The tail adopts horizontal design elements , There's a sense of hierarchy , In addition, a hidden exhaust is used , The whole is conservative .

The interior enters the vehicle , Geely vision interior is mainly black , Decorated with silver chrome trim around , Bring good texture . Except value Edition 、 Beyond the comfort version , Other versions are equipped with 8 Inch center control screen 、 Satellite navigation system 、CarLife Mobile Mapping 、 Bluetooth car phone 、 Car recorder 、 Reversing image 、 Parking radar and other practical functions , The built-in functions are quite comprehensive , In the same level, it belongs to the standard configuration in the vehicle model .

In terms of space , Although geely vision can meet the daily travel needs , But after all, the price is not expensive , Therefore, compared with the mainstream compact sedan, it is not particularly spacious . Reserve capacity 480L The space performance is quite good , For some larger items, you can directly load , This is also the core advantage of this car .

Power geely vision is equipped with Geely's independently developed 1.5L Naturally aspirated engine , Maximum horsepower 109Ps, Maximum torque 142N·m, In fact, as a family car model , It's OK to require smooth and powerful power , And the weight of this car is not high ,1.5L The engine is enough . Write it at the end. In general , Geely vision as a classic model , The price is very people friendly , There is no economic pressure on most consumers , At the same time, the appearance and interior are not cheap , Although the power weakness , but 6 Ten thousand yuan can buy automatic gear , It's enough to cover the rain every day .

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