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Hongjiang City: encourage cadres to act as "fault tolerance and exemption" in six cases

2021-08-27 17:46:31 Red Net

In recent days, , Hongjiang City, Hunan Province has issued 《 The implementation measures of Hongjiang City for encouraging cadres to take responsibility as fault tolerance and exemption 》, Fully implemented “ Three separate ”, Encourage the majority of Party members and cadres to act as 、 Start a business 、 Strive for excellence .

This method defines the application of fault tolerance and exemption 、 The subject of implementation 、 Policy requirements , It stipulates that when dealing with emergencies or performing other urgent, dangerous and heavy tasks , Subjectively for the public and the people 、 Act as if there were a mistake or mistake 、 In resolving the focus contradiction 、 Dare to take the initiative in solving problems left over by history 、 Wholeheartedly safeguard the interests of the masses , Or deepening “ The pipes suit ”“ One thing at a time ” reform 、 Key projects of investment attraction and service 、 Acceptance and review of deficiencies in administrative examination and approval matters such as important people's livelihood facts in order to improve efficiency , Make a mistake or mistake, etc 6 There are two applicable situations of fault tolerance and exemption , Dare to do something 、 Party members and cadres who dare to take responsibility “ Hold the bottom ”“ Stay up ”.

The method is also clear , To be excused from liability , The performance of Party and government management and the implementation of the responsibility system for building a clean and honest government are assessed , Selection and appointment of cadres 、 First, the best 、 Rank and title promotion , And party representatives 、 Deputies to the National People's Congress 、 The qualifications of CPPCC members and reserve cadres will not be affected . Clarify the correct name of the cadres who have been falsely reflected in time , Slander and frame others 、 Interfering with reform and innovation or pestering visits and causing adverse effects , Resolutely carry out retrospective investigation , Strictly investigate and deal with according to regulations and disciplines .

In order to prevent abuse of the exemption policy or after Exemption “ Know what's wrong and don't change it ”, Hongjiang City has also strictly stipulated laws and regulations, Party discipline and party rules, and the higher authorities have explicitly prohibited 、 The individual is arbitrary and willful without going through the democratic decision-making process, etc 4 No fault tolerance and exemption under these circumstances .

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