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Phoenix: the little girl was "bitten" with a steel ring. The fireman successfully helped her remove it

2021-08-27 17:48:14 Red Net

Red net moment Xiangxi 8 month 23 - ( correspondent Shu Liu )“ Firemen , My daughter's finger got stuck in a steel ring , Please help me take it down .”8 month 20 Japan 18 when 30 a.m. , A pair of young parents in Fenghuang County, Hunan Province , With 5 My daughter came to Tuojiang fire rescue station in Fenghuang County for help . It turned out that when the little girl was playing , I found a steel ring similar to a ring , Out of love of beauty 、 Be curious , Put the steel ring on the left index finger , Cannot remove , The more swollen your fingers are , The pain is unbearable . Under the feeling be nasty , The parents rushed to the fire station with the little girl in their arms for help .

When the fire commander learned about the situation , Go to the communication room immediately . After checking , Stuck on the little girl's left index finger is a steel circular gasket , The texture is very hard , Due to prolonged blood blockage , The child's index finger has obviously changed color , Both ends of the ring are congested and swollen . If not removed in time , It is likely that the finger necrosis is caused by insufficient blood supply .

“ Don't panic , Don't panic , We'll take you down in a minute .” The commander comforted the little girl , While moving quickly . The shape of the steel ring stuck on the finger belongs to arc , The surface is smooth and hard , meanwhile , The little girl's fingers were squeezed too tight by the ring , Your fingers are swollen , The operating space is very narrow , It has brought great difficulties to rescue .

The fireman fixed the steel ring , Use cutting tools such as shear pliers to operate . After repeated attempts , Rescuers found a slight movement , The little girl felt obvious pain , The cutting pliers cannot be operated alone .

“ Use a metal cutting machine , Protect your fingers with a thin piece of iron and a wet rag .” After a brief discussion, the firemen , Decided to find another way to rescue .

After confirming that it is safe , Fire rescue workers use metal cutting machines , Slowly cut the steel ring bit by bit .10 Minutes later ,“ Bite ” The steel ring on the little girl's hand was finally successfully and safely taken out . The little girl smiled happily , Everyone present was relieved .

The fire department reminds , Children are naturally active , Parents should not be careless when looking after , Try to avoid potential safety hazards . If you get stuck , Do not pull by force , So as not to cause congestion and swelling of fingers . Soapy water is available 、 lubricant 、 Oil substances, etc. lubricate your fingers , Then slowly rotate the object , Take it off . If it cannot be removed by itself , Please see a doctor or ask the fire department for help .

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