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For the return and beauty of "zero" -- a sidenote on the anti epidemic activities of teachers and students of the school of civil engineering and architecture of Jishou University

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Red net moment Xiangxi 8 month 23 - ( correspondent Yan Haiqing Li Gang ) in order to “ Zero clearing ” The goal is , For the safety and beauty of Zhangjiajie , All the teachers and students of the school of civil engineering and architecture of Jishou University devoted themselves to the fight against the epidemic at the first time , At school, they move at the command 、 Carry out with drive and sweep 、 be strictly on guard and defend to the last ; In the community, they take the overall situation into account 、 help one another in defense work 、 Be willing to contribute ; At the bayonet, they are fearless of risk 、 A strong man DuanWan 、 Dare to sacrifice ; There are battlefields everywhere , Everyone on the front line , They have put into practice the responsibility and struggle spirit of teachers and students of Jida in the new era .

Teachers and students of the college participate in epidemic prevention and control .

speed is the soldier 's asset , Play the first move

7 month 28 The sudden outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia has disrupted the pace of life of the people of Zhangjiajie , An epidemic is an order , For a time, fighting the epidemic with all strength has become the center and task of all work .7 month 30 As soon as the Party committee of the Institute received the instructions from the superior , Arrange and deploy to quickly organize and hold the network video conference of teachers in the whole hospital , For the first time, an epidemic prevention leading group headed by the Secretary of the Party committee and an epidemic prevention working group dominated by the person in charge of student work were established , Strictly follow the instructions of the superior “ fast 、 yan 、 fine 、 real 、 accurate ” Epidemic prevention requirements of , A work plan has been formulated 、 Clarify the work task 、 The work requirements have been implemented 、 Formed a working mechanism ; At the first time, the Party committee of the Institute 、 The Youth League Committee reported to the Party of the whole hospital 、 The league members and teachers and students sent “ Anti epidemic has me , Please rest assured ” Initiatives , Call on everyone to take urgent action to fight the epidemic , It has greatly stimulated the fighting spirit and confidence of all teachers and students in the College ; The current situation of all teachers and students in the hospital at the first time , Especially in summer vacation “ Three go to the countryside ” The details of the students were comprehensively checked and counted , Accurately grasp the first-hand information at that time , It has won the initiative for the effective implementation of epidemic prevention .

after , The college always adheres to “ Play the first move , Set the lead time ” The working policy of , Hold relevant meetings many times , It has achieved the timely issuance of instructions according to the requirements of prevention and control work at the first time 、 Accurately report information 、 Scientific research and judgment 、 Fine service tracking . Since the outbreak , Wang Wenguang, Secretary of the Party committee, is in charge of the school and always commands and dispatches on the front line , Make oneself an example ; Mr. Jiang Zepu sticks to the fourth teaching building and takes the initiative to deliver meals to isolated students every day 、 deliver water 、 Delivery of materials , Never complain ; Counselor Zhang Xiaoyang overcomes difficulties and actively contacts students to master information , Care for students materially and psychologically , not to mind taking the trouble ; Teacher Yang Yan reports Statistics 、 Timely notify nucleic acid detection , The work is accurate .8 month 17 The first new crown case in Zhangjiajie was “ zero ”, It has laid a solid foundation for the next step of normalized prevention and control and the orderly development of various work . Preliminary statistics , This round of epidemic directly affected the teachers and students of the hospital 280 More than one , But no one confirmed the infection , No one broke the rules .

Be willing to contribute , Be a good vanguard

After the outbreak of the epidemic in Zhangjiajie , None of the college's teachers and students flinched , Especially the teachers who live outside the school actively respond to the call of the party and the government and sink into the community 、 The front line of the community actively participated in the war , Show your true colors in times of crisis .

Mr. Yang Jing, head of the planning and construction department who lives in Xincheng Juntai community, took part in the war with illness , Take the initiative to undertake the work of the community epidemic prevention publicity group , Give full play to your own advantages , I helped the community formulate a number of rules and regulations for the first time , Write the 《 Xincheng Juntai red vest : Get through the last 100 meters of material distribution 》《 Wang Xin : Stay sick “ Epidemic prevention safety net ”》 Wait for multiple news reports , Publicized the positive energy of the community , For the orderly prevention and control of epidemic situation in the community 、 Efficient operation has made due contribution . At the same time, she is also actively involved in card point holding 、 Tissue nucleic acid detection, etc , Known by the community as “ He is the maker of the epidemic prevention plan , Another propagandist of positive energy , It's also a goalkeeper who keeps a close watch .”

Zhang Xiaoyang 、 Two teachers Li Gang, as the community staff of sunken celebrity Park , Ask for battle with the community at the first time and participate in community epidemic prevention and control , In order to realize nucleic acid detection “ Not one family 、 leave no one behind ” The goal of , They stayed up all night and made an appointment with minhuijiayuan phase II 400 Household 、1100 The information data of more than people are counted in detail , And verify door-to-door , Ensure the accuracy and integrity of the data , It plays a key role in the full coverage of cell nucleic acid detection . At the same time, Mr. Li Gang and Mr. Zhang Xiaoyang have been respectively responsible for the second phase of minhuijiayuan 3 Donghe 5 Information statistics of buildings 、 Material distribution 、 Nucleic acid detection organization, etc . Their selfless dedication has been highly affirmed by the people in the community .

Yan Haiqing, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the college, lives in nanzhuangping Hongtian Lvcheng community , After his father was seriously ill and just discharged from hospital, he was in urgent need of care , When you have high blood pressure , Take the initiative to join the community and community anti epidemic front line at the first time , Watch at the sentry box at night , During the day, he also distributed and transferred materials and cleared and transported corridor garbage with volunteers , Regardless of gain or loss , It reflects the responsibility and responsibility of an old Communist Party member . Mr. Li Wenfang, who lives frugally at ordinary times , Donate money to hot water pit community during epidemic prevention and control 2000 element , Love is silent at the critical moment . Besides , The college also has Liu Weiguo who lives off campus 、 Yang Yan 、 Long Zili 、 High school Matsu and other teachers are all actively involved in the front line of anti epidemic in the community , Not afraid of danger, silent dedication , It is their actions and efforts bit by bit , To make that safe 、 beautiful 、 Perfect “ zero ” To return to thousands of families as soon as possible , Return to Zhangjiajie .

Fearless of risk , Guard the outpost

Although the epidemic has pressed the pause button of relevant cities and communities , But it has never stopped the steps and determination of college teachers and students to move forward fearlessly , On the contrary, civil engineering students are more brave and more determined to meet difficulties .

college 2019 Class I civil engineering 2 Class student Li Jiazhao , As a veteran , When the epidemic came, he volunteered to join the epidemic prevention and control volunteer service in Zhangjiajie campus of Jishou University , Assist the school to carry out nucleic acid testing , At the same time, be responsible for the daily information statistics and reporting of school students , take “ It won't fade after retiring ” The clank oath of the has been implemented in the actual action of epidemic prevention and control , Well received by teachers and students .2018 Zhang Wenjun, a first-class civil engineering student, participated in epidemic prevention and control in hot water pit community in Zhangjiajie , Mainly responsible for the delivery of living materials in the community , bear hardship without complaint .2019 Yan Weihan, a first-class architecture student, is on duty at Wenhua intersection, Lukou District, Zhuzhou City 、2020 Kong Junhao, a first-class urban planning major, is in gaoshuangfu agricultural trade and Food City, Yuhua District, Changsha 、2019 Zhu Hongxu, a first-class civil engineering student, participated in voluntary service at the checkpoint of Expressway in Changde high tech Zone , Mainly assist in inspecting and disinfecting vehicles , Measure the body temperature of personnel in and out , Check and register health information , be strict in one 's demands .2020 Peng Jiaao, a first-class urban planning major, is responsible for guiding the diagnosis in Zhuzhou traditional Chinese medicine traumatology hospital 、 Register , Print nucleic acid report results, etc , not to mind taking the trouble .2020 Yang SHUAIKANG, a first-class civil engineering student, works in Yuxing Road office, Zhengdong New Area, Zhengzhou city 、2020 Peng Yu, a first-class civil engineering student, participated in voluntary service for epidemic prevention and control in Hexi community, Lingxi Town, Yongshun County, Xiangxi Prefecture , Not afraid of risks, actively assist doctors 、 Guide the masses to conduct nucleic acid testing . according to an uncompleted statistic , Teachers and students of the college who actively participate in the front line of anti epidemic or volunteer service are more than 150 people , More than half of them for that safety 、 beautiful 、 Perfect “ zero ” Still in the front line of silent dedication .

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