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Tesla Model 3 car: every 20000 km, only replace the air conditioning filter

2021-08-27 17:56:42 Luca car

tesla Model 3 Monthly sales in China have stabilized at 2 More than 10000 , This is Hongguang who doesn't talk about martial virtue MINIEV The new energy model with the highest sales volume outside .

This is still at Tesla Shanghai Auto Show " brake failure " After the event , After a little impact on it . In this year 3 When the month , tesla Model 3 Our sales have exceeded 2.5 Thousands of cars …… Why are they all saying that Tesla's workmanship is not good 、 There are security risks 、 fleece the flock , But from the market sales response , tesla Model 3 The impact is minimal ? Only after subsidy 23.59 The starting price of 10000 yuan must be one of the reasons , And according to our investigation , Another big reason is that Tesla's post service experience is good . This time, , Please come with us , Learn about Tesla Model 3 What are the advantages of using cars in the later stage . Same as before , We'll still start from the insurance premium 、 Maintenance cost and energy consumption cost .

Insurance expenses

because The insurance premium is linked to the price of the car , For new energy cars , We will still take the model with the highest heat as an example . For Tesla Model 3 for , Of course, the model with the lowest price will be the one with the highest attention , So we chose the manufacturer's guide price as 25.174 Ten thousand yuan ( Price after subsidy 23.59 Ten thousand yuan ) Of 2021 paragraph Modification Standard range afterdrive upgrade 3D1. It should be noted that , stay 2021 year 7 Month Tesla Model 3 Has introduced ,2021 paragraph Standard range afterdrive upgrade 3D6 models , The price of this model is exactly the same as the above models , However, the dynamic parameters are slightly upgraded , We speculate that this model will become the most concerned model in the future .

About its insurance , We choose three responsibilities 100 Ten thousand yuan 、 Vehicle damage insurance 、 On board liability insurance ( Both the driver and passengers 2 Ten thousand yuan ) As its commercial insurance coverage . tesla Model 3 The commercial insurance premium to be paid in the first year is about 7500 yuan . Plus 950 Yuan of compulsory insurance ( At present, most new energy vehicles can enjoy free vehicle and vessel tax and purchase tax policies ), In terms of insurance costs, the price to be spent in the first year is about 8500 yuan .

For Tesla Model 3 for , although 100 The three responsibilities of 10000 yuan are not much , But generally enough , If you want to go up to 200 Ten thousand yuan three responsibilities , The overall cost will be a few hundred more yuan . however , It should be noted that , Because of our insurance premium No discount calculated ( Return point ), Usually a little more expensive , A friend who plans to buy a new car , You can take this amount as a threshold (yù) Value to refer to .

When we 3 Years are calculated in cycles , If the vehicle does not have an accident, no claim will be settled , With the decline of premium , tesla Model 3 actually 3 The cost of insurance is high in About the 1.87 Ten thousand yuan about , On average, less than... A year 6300 element .

Maintenance costs

Maintenance fees , Because of Tesla Model 3 It's a new energy vehicle , There is no routine maintenance such as changing the oil filter , Generally, it's just to do vehicle safety inspection regularly . however , Officials suggest that every 2 Replace the air conditioning filter every 10000 km , So as not to affect the cooling effect of the vehicle , Breeding bacteria is harmful to health , The cost of each time is about 380 element ; Suggest every 4 When thousands of kilometers , Change the brake fluid , So as not to weaken the braking force , If other parts that need to be replaced are found during the inspection , The total cost may reach 1800 yuan . however , We and many Tesla Model 3 After communicating with the car owner, he learned that , As long as the inspection results show that the vehicle is OK , Tesla will not force the replacement of brake fluid , None of the car owners we interviewed were in 4 The brake fluid was changed at 10000 km , They only changed 2 It's just an air conditioning filter . It is worth mentioning that , Tesla's maintenance , Also provide door-to-door service , And there are often discounts , According to the owner , The overall price is almost the same as that in the store .

With 6 Ten thousand kilometers is a big car cycle , tesla Model 3 On the road 3 year /6 Ten thousand kilometers later , The total maintenance fee to be paid is up to 2560 yuan , Every year, 853 element , This is calculated according to items such as replacement of brake fluid , If 6 Only the air conditioning filter has been replaced within 10000 kilometers , Then the total cost may be less than 1140 element . And Tesla Model 3 Replacing the air conditioning filter is actually very simple , If you replace it yourself , Or the replacement price at the garage will be lower .

Energy cost

About Tesla Model 3 Power consumption , Because it does not give the official power consumption as a parameter , So we can only take the owner's power consumption as a reference . From the performance of the owner's actual power consumption , tesla Model 3 The actual average power consumption of is 14.5kWh/100km Up and down , At present, the electricity price of Tesla super charging pile is about 1.8 element /kWh, It will be presented every year 400 Degree electricity , In terms of kilometers, we use 1 Annual driving 2 Ten thousand kilometers for reference .

Kilometers used * Power consumption per kilometer * Electricity price , You can get about a year's electricity bill , Minus the annual gift 400 Degree electricity * Electricity price , That is to get Tesla using super charging pile Model 3 The annual energy consumption cost is about 4500 element , The average month is less than 375 element . Of course , Buy Tesla Model 3 when , If you encounter an activity , The kilometers of extra super charging piles can also be given away .

summary :

We will the above insurance premium 、 Add the maintenance cost and energy consumption cost , You can get Tesla Model 3 The cost of using the car for one year . It should be noted that , We didn't put the parking fee 、 Car washing fees and other miscellaneous expenses are counted in Tesla Model 3 Within the vehicle cost of , Because there are too many individual factors in these expenses .

A year's maintenance costs the most 853 element , The amount of insurance premium to be paid is about 8500 element ( First year ), Fuel consumption costs need 4500 element ( Overcharge ), The total cost of a year is 13853 element , On average, every month 1154 element . For a medium-sized car , The cost of such a late car is already very low , But what we calculate may still be its highest value …… It's cheap , Later, the cost is cheap , No wonder Tesla Model 3 It's so attractive .

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