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Although the popularity is not as good as Buick GL8, Kia Jiahua may be in the right direction this time

2021-08-27 17:56:47 Luca car

With the full liberalization of the three child policy , Many families will buy medium and large MPV Put it on the agenda , The purpose is nothing else , I just like the spacious space and comfortable seats . In the current domestic market , The best choice seems to be Buick GL8 了 , But there is a strong business atmosphere , It's obviously something young people don't like , Fortunately, the upcoming fourth generation Jiahua , Gave you a new choice .

Domestic Kia Jiahua has appeared at this year's Shanghai Auto Show , The new car is based on the third generation i-GMP Platform to build , Adopted 2.0T The engine , The hardware conditions are good . Besides , Jiahua's fashionable appearance also brightens consumers' eyes , Especially after getting used to Buick GL8 After a smooth design , Jiahua's freshness is self-evident . Of course , Want to win “ Benchmarking ”, Looks alone are obviously not enough , So what are the outstanding features of the upcoming fourth generation Jiahua ? Next , Look at the comparison between the two cars .

buick GL8 The atmosphere , Jiahua design is more attractive

Medium large scale MPV It has its own stable aura , This is an inherent advantage , Jiahua has done well in this regard , Can bring enough sense of security . Besides , Jiahua pays more attention to details , For example, from the front face , The new family style has high recognition , And the lines are clear ; China open has a unique shape , Visually, there are geometric changes ; Irregular day lights have a unique style , With split headlamp , Very delicate .

Jiahua's body side is very simple , Straight lines reveal a sense of fashion ,C Silver trim is used behind the column , The lower part of the door and the roof rack are also silver , With black surround around the vehicle and large wheel hub , Quite full size SUV The feeling of . Jiahua's tail lamp adopts a through design , The visual effect is great when lit , Richer design under bumper , The use of silver lower guard adds a sense of hierarchy to the whole vehicle .

Depending on version , buick GL8 There will be some differences in shape , But the whole vehicle is still calm , The wide air intake grille at the front of the car is very domineering , There will be a sense of oppression when you approach , Business users will prefer . In detail , buick GL8 Not as delicate as Jiahua , But simple style can also cater to public taste , But young people may feel less interesting .

Into the car , buick GL8 Still strong business wind , The two-color center console design has a sense of hierarchy , Combined with the suspended center console, it improves a certain scientific and technological atmosphere , In addition, the use of materials and materials is still good , It's just a little old visually , Position of the handle and the central armrest box , A see be MPV.

Jiahua interior adopts the latest style design , Shape and “ kia K5” Very similar . double 12.3 Inch suspended large screen 、 Concealed air conditioner outlet 、 Rotary shift , And decorative parts of different materials , Make the cockpit more avant-garde technology , what's more , This style makes Jiahua different from tradition MPV, It looks more like a smart SUV, This is better than Buick GL8 More popular with young consumers .

Jiahua has a slightly longer wheelbase , Flexible space is more suitable for home use

In terms of size , The length, width and height of Jiahua are respectively 5155/1995/1795mm, The wheelbase 3090mm; buick GL8 Better selling “ES Lu Zun ” Plate size is 5219/1878/1805mm, The wheelbase 3088mm. You can see , Facing Buick GL8, Jiahua is not weak in size , Wheelbase is even longer . And the actual riding performance is the same , Two cars are inseparable , Even if it's full , It won't feel crowded .

In terms of seats , The seats of both cars are very soft , Especially the second row , It can bring good comfort , But Jiahua's front seats are more supportive than Buick's GL8 Better , Long distance ride will not be too tired . in addition , Depending on version , buick GL8 There will be some differences in the functions of the second row seats , The price is 30 Over ten thousand. “ES Lu Zun ” The functions will be more complete . Jiahua second row seats lack some electric adjustment , However, it supports multi-directional manual adjustment , And the seat inclination angle and comfort are even better than Buick GL8, So in general , Jiahua is more practical .

In terms of storage , In addition to the conventional storage space in the car , The space in the rear compartment is also considerable , Neither width nor depth GL8, Can easily put down at least three 26 Inch trolley box . what's more , The third row seats can be fully folded under the floor , So you get a very large plane , Buick GL8 The three row seats can only be simply put down . therefore , overall , Jiahua is not only spacious and practical , Human nature and storage are also very good , Compared to Buick GL8, With writers, with MPV More competent .

Power is inseparable , The two cars have different orientations

In terms of power system , Jiahua uses 2.0T The engine , Maximum horsepower 233 horse , matching 8 Fast hand self - integration ; buick GL8 use 2.0T The engine , Maximum horsepower 237 horse , matching 9 Fast hand self - integration . In terms of dynamic parameters , The difference between the two cars is very small , I believe the actual acceleration performance should be similar , A hundred kilometers is speeding up 9 Seconds up and down , And such a result is comfortable for the main player 、 Smooth medium and large MPV It's totally enough .

buick GL8 And Jiahua have a high level of configuration , But there are obvious differences between the two vehicles . buick GL8 In the seat 、 Air conditioner 、 The functions of the interior atmosphere are very complete , High configuration models are equipped with BOSE sound . Jiahua is still practical 、 Science and technology as the main , There is a multimedia system 、 speech recognition 、 Remote control , And the charging interface everywhere in the car , It also provides an interior camera that can monitor the rear passengers , For a family of many with children , Are very easy to use configurations .

summary :

Jiahua and Buick GL8 equally , Are positioned as medium and large MPV, But the difference can be seen from the details . buick GL8 In luxury 、 The seat function is the main function , More to provide business users with high-grade services . Jiahua is through excellent practicability and good functionality , Provide comfort and convenience for a family of many , Bring a better travel experience , This is also the essential difference between the two cars . If we look at the car purchase demand of three child families in the new era , without doubt , The fourth generation Jiahua is more attractive , It is also a more rational choice .

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