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Real car purchase: is there a big discount for Audi A4L? Like the BMW 3 series, I have to wait

2021-08-27 18:03:12 Luca car

For luxury brands , Medium sized cars have always been a market segment that must be competed for , This level of sales even has a decisive impact on the sales of the whole brand . When most joint venture brand owners consider changing cars , If you want to be a luxury brand, many people consider this level , The space is about the same as or larger than the original car , But the brand is better and the cost of buying a car is easier to accept . It doesn't have the feeling of a compact model that looks like buying a logo , Nor will it bring great pressure to buy a car like a higher-level model . audi A4L For Audi, it has always been a walking car , Many car buyers will be in it and BMW 3 Compare in the system . There are rumors recently , audi A4L Production was suspended due to chip problems . This news has also had a certain impact on car purchase in the terminal market , A lot of people are in Audi A4L And BMW 3 When comparing the series, I think Audi A4L Large terminal discount and higher cost performance , But in such an eventful age , audi A4L The car market is for BMW 3 When I tied it , Can we share the autumn ?

audi A4L No car available , But the terminal discount is still good

In terms of market sales , audi A4L It is still greatly affected by the chip problem . Sold last month 6000 Around the table , As the pillar of the Audi brand , This achievement can be said to be quite unsatisfactory , After all, under normal circumstances , It sells... On average a month 15000 Around the table .

In a Beijing FAW we investigated - Volkswagen Audi 4S In the store's data , Audi... Last month A4L Sold out 28 platform , And this store sold a total of last month 152 New cars , audi A4L It only accounts for% of the total sales 18%. The salesperson told us , Usually like Audi A4L、 audi Q5L Such a walking volume , Sales in 30% About is a normal level .

audi A4L The best-selling model is 2020 paragraph 40TFSI Luxury dynamic , The official price is 34.38 Ten thousand yuan . Belong to 40TFSI The mid-range power version of the two-wheel drive top configuration model . Most people will choose gray and white cars . Why not buy a cheaper entry-level model with the same power ? Because although it's expensive 2.5 Ten thousand yuan or so , But there are more than a dozen configurations , There is no lack of automatic parking 、 Sensing the rear compartment 、 Keyless entry and other highly practical functions , And if these configurations want to be optional later , It must be more than 2.5 Ten thousand yuan . As for why not choose 45TFSI High power of 2.0T Version or 4WD version ? Most buy Audi A4L People mainly pursue urban driving with enough power . Although it's all entry-level 35TFSI It will be a little difficult in power , but 40TFSI You've got enough power , The four-wheel drive system is for ordinary people to drive in the city , There may not be many opportunities to come in handy . therefore 2020 paragraph 40TFSI The luxury dynamic model is indeed the most cost-effective version in the whole series .

As for everyone's concern about Audi A4L The car discount , Mainly in full / There are two ways to buy a car by stages .

1. Full purchase , Cash discount on the basis of official guidance price 4.9 Ten thousand yuan . Hard fees include licensing fees (1000 element )、 Insurance expenses (8500 yuan )、 tax (2.5 Ten thousand yuan or so ), Last , audi A4L Of 2020 paragraph 40TFSI The landing price of luxury dynamic model is about 32.9 Ten thousand yuan or so .

2. Buy a car in installments , The cash discount is the same as buying a full car , All are 4.9 Ten thousand yuan , At present, there is no financial service fee , And the manufacturer has an interest discount policy , Calculate the average annual interest 2000 Less than yuan , According to the down payment 30% Calculation , Plus purchase tax 、 Licensing fees and insurance costs , The price on the road is 12.3 Ten thousand yuan , If according to 24 In phases , Repayment is required for each installment 8598 element , If the down payment 50% by stages 24 Period words , Down payment needs 18.2 Ten thousand yuan , Each monthly payment is 6142 element .

See the table below for details :

So if you want to buy an Audi in Beijing now A4L Words , The best selling configuration is 2020 paragraph 40TFSI Luxury dynamic , The best selling color is white / gray . But there are no cars available now , If you order a car, follow 4S The saying of the store is 6—8 Zhou picked up the car , However, it still depends on the follow-up solution to the problem of chip shortage . If you don't consider popular configurations , There are also no existing cars for other configurations , Need to book a car and wait . In terms of discounts , At present, whether in full or in installments , It's all cash offers 4.9 Ten thousand yuan , If you choose to buy a car in installments , The manufacturer will provide a discount policy , One year's interest is less than 2000 element .

As for who is buying Audi A4L, according to 4S The store's sales said , Mainly 20—35 A young man of , Home users and office workers are in the majority . And most people are second-time car buyers who change their cars .

From this we can see that , As a second purchase , It must be more comprehensive than when I first bought a car , And young people buy cars , We will also learn more about our products through more channels , audi A4L Can be favored by them , It mainly has strong competitiveness at the product level and price level .

BMW 3 Good space in the back , audi A4L Value for money

A lot of people are watching Audi A4L when , I also watch BMW 3 system , Finally, choose between these two cars . As two popular models in the market , audi A4L And BMW 3 The product power of the system is basically good . BMW's current 3 Systematic 2021 paragraph Modification II 325Li M The sports suit version has attracted a lot of attention , And Audi A4L The official guide price of the best-selling models is about the same . But it's worth saying , Also affected by chip problems , BMW 3 The Department also does not have sufficient existing car reserves .

BMW's advantage is , Have better rear space performance , And carry 8AT The gearbox is also well-known in the market , And as a rear drive platform BMW 3 Have more driving fun . But Audi A4L The advantage is that , The terminal price is higher than that of BMW 3 It costs tens of thousands of yuan cheaper , Have a higher cost performance , And the power parameters are better than BMW 3 It's a little better .

On the whole , Buy a BMW 3 The Department is mainly for car buyers who value driving fun , There is also a need for greater rear space performance . And choose Audi A4L The main reason is , Or because its terminal price will really look more attractive .

summary :

Finally, some usage information after the purchase of the two cars .

audi A4L The maintenance interval is 10000 One kilometer service , No free maintenance , The price of minor maintenance is 1200 yuan , The price of major maintenance is 2500 yuan , But apart from size maintenance , There are other maintenance items , And the cost is not low .

BMW 3 The maintenance cycle of the system is also 10000 One kilometer service , No free maintenance , The price of minor maintenance is 1100 yuan , The price of major maintenance is 3700 yuan , But beyond that , There are basically no other projects to be carried out .

On the whole , audi A4L And BMW 3 Although the terminal price is quite different , But the overall maintenance is basically flat .

Then there is the residual value performance of the used cars of the two cars .

1 Years old 0.1 Ten thousand kilometers of BMW 3 system 2020 paragraph Modification 325i M Sports night suit , The landing price is 37 Ten thousand yuan , The current residual value of used cars is 31.89 Ten thousand yuan , The damage is still a little high .

2 Years old 6.4 Ten thousand kilometers of Audi A4L 2019 paragraph 40TFSI Sporty countries V, The landing price is 40.6 Ten thousand yuan , The current residual value of used cars is 25.49 Ten thousand yuan , The loss is 40% .

But these two cars are still relatively new models , The overall reference value is not too great .

Taken together , audi A4L Usually sell well , Mainly in the case of ensuring good product power, the terminal preference is also relatively large . But as far as the present situation is concerned , Want to buy Audi in a short time A4L, Basically, the only way to choose is to book a car . But even if there are few cars on the market now , audi A4L Still maintain a strong terminal discount margin , This is very friendly to car buyers .

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