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Dongfeng Nissan Qichen new SUV is called big v. it can sell well without improving the power of dual screen?

2021-08-27 18:03:16 Luca car

Some time ago, Dongfeng Nissan Qichen new compact SUV models V-ONLINE Officer figure released , At that time, it was expected to have a Chinese name , It's not a week away , The new car was officially unveiled and announced a loud Chinese name : Kai Chen Da V. At first, the literal meaning was that this car wanted to be the " Big V", It's not , The new car uses more in appearance and interior "V" Shape element , It is also a kind of inheritance of familialization , Let's talk about it in combination with the real car .( The illustration comes from the network )

The appearance looks familiar , Smoky elements are more athletic . Real car and previously announced V-ONLINE The official map is basically the same , The whole continues the past set of Qichen V-Galaxy Family design , Like the front face V Font arrangement , But compared with qichenxing's front face, it looks more personalized , And add more smoky elements . The wheel hub can be seen from the side of the vehicle 、 Rearview mirror 、 The roof and roof rack have also been blackened , The back of the car echoes the front face , It still belongs to the angular style . The interior takes on a new look , Good sense of Technology . The interior has used the dual screen design in Qichen model for the first time , However, this design has long been popular in many independent brands , It can't bring you too much freshness , It is worth noting that , Many parts in the car are also used, which seems to belong to V Shape elements , For example, triangle start button 、 Space, both sides of air outlet, etc .

The size is not big , The ride feels good . The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4562/1917/1625mm, The wheelbase is 2700mm, This size is still smaller than qichenxing , Compared with the third generation Harvard ( Long 4653mm, The wheelbase 2738mm) Almost large in size . The seats are equipped with integrated seats , However, the Queen's car of qichenxing did not appear before , The rear seats are consistent with the front seats , And the bulge of the middle platform is not serious . Power, no surprises , Daily transportation is enough . The power will be equipped with a maximum power 190 horsepower 1.5T The engine , To match 7 Double clutch gearbox , This is the same as the one carried on Qichen star 1.5T The engine parameters are consistent . This power is really not very strong and relatively single , You should know that many independent brands are compact SUV All equipped with 2.0T It's powered , But Costa Rica thinks it's for a positioning home compact SUV As for the model of , Still enough , After all, small displacement can bring low fuel consumption .

At the end

Through Costa Rica to Qichen V Introduction to , It can be seen that this car is a new car built on the foundation of qichenxing , However, the appearance and interior are in a new style , In particular, a lot of blackening elements are added to the appearance , The interior uses a dual screen with a stronger sense of Technology , It's a little regrettable that it doesn't bring improvement in power . Comprehensive, , After Qichen returned to Dongfeng Nissan , The brand also has a strong joint venture identity , Reference resources 2021 The price range of qichenxing is 12.66 ten thousand -14.96 Ten thousand yuan , The price of the car is also expected to be cheaper , For users who like Japanese joint venture brands and value configuration , It's also a car worth looking forward to .

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