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It's cool to use Huawei mobile phones in 4.68 seconds! Test drive xilis Huawei smart sF5

2021-08-27 18:03:25 Luca car

It's no stranger to mention the electric car , Familiar with the ideal ONE、 Haze map FREE etc. , Compared with pure electric, it can be said that , Its advantage is that it has no endurance anxiety , And the use cost is lower than that of fuel vehicles . lately , Costa Rica was lucky to test drive an electric car with the same incremental program , It is the smart choice of Thales Huawei SF5, As a model of in-depth cooperation with Huawei , At present, it has a total of 2 models , The price range after subsidy is 21.68-24.68 Ten thousand yuan , Compared with the ideal ONE The threshold is low 12.12 Ten thousand yuan , Let's talk about it .

Sliding back car running wind , It looks fashionable . The front face looks round , The most recognizable is the use of lightning "Σ" The combination of daytime running lights and headlamp sets with different shapes , Closed front grille , But it's not completely closed , There are some diamond shaped cooling holes at the bottom , After all, the engine in the front of the car needs heat dissipation , When the owner approaches , The concealed sensing door handle will pop up automatically , Through tail lamps are used at the rear of the car , The lower right corner " Huawei's smart choice SF5" The identification also indicates identity . Blessed are Huawei mobile phone users , The configuration is very comprehensive . The biggest highlight in the car is that the car machine system is integrated into Huawei HiCar System , If you use Huawei mobile phones, you can quickly realize the interconnection of vehicles and machines , It's not very friendly to Apple users . Besides , All-liquid crystal instrument 、HUD Head up display and 17 Inch vertical screen can form a good linkage .

Only 5 A version of the , Enough for daily travel . The length, width and height of the car are 4700/1930/1625mm, The wheelbase is 2875mm, location 5 Seat plate medium SUV, Compared with the ideal ONE( Long 5020mm, The wheelbase 2935mm) Still a little lap , Fortunately, the ride is very comfortable , The rear central floor is also flat . Endurance is leading in the same class , Very good driving quality . The top version of Costa test drive , Powered by a 1.5T Range extender system of four cylinder engine , And integrate Huawei's three in one electric drive system , Maximum power of the system 450kW, The maximum torque is 820N·m, The official endurance at full fuel and full power can exceed 1 Thousands of kilometers , Pure electric endurance is 150km, Accelerate at 100 kilometers 4.68 second . The overall driving experience was highly praised , The steering wheel points clearly , The chassis vibration filtering is good , The interior noise control is also very good , The accelerator pedal travel is also very linear , And set up economic 、 comfortable 、 Four driving modes of sports and ejection . The endurance is what Costa Rica is most satisfied with , Actually, it's almost 1 Thousands of kilometers can really bid farewell to mileage anxiety , meanwhile L2+ The first-class driving assistance system also makes driving easy .

At the end

24.68 10000 yuan to buy xilis Huawei smart choice SF5 4WD version, you can get :1.5T Four cylinder extended range system 、 all-wheel-drive 、 The most powerful 405kW、 Maximum torque 820 N·m、4.68 Seconds to break the 、 life 1000+km, It can be said that it is difficult to find a model with the same quality on the market . Buying advice , If you pay attention to car cost and acceleration performance , And want to experience some of Huawei's technological achievements in cars , Well, xilis Huawei's smart choice SF5 It is also a model worthy of recommendation , What do you think ?

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