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Anti epidemic record | love goes hand in hand with mission to build a "firewall" for epidemic prevention and control

2021-08-27 18:04:34 Red Net

Huaihua city supports Zhangjiajie nucleic acid sampling medical team 、 Team member of Huaihua cancer hospital .—— Li Ye

I and my hospital teammate Roxanne from 8 month 3 Day departure , The rush to Zhangjiajie to fight the epidemic has 19 days . In front of the epidemic , We fight the disease , Race against time . Leave before dawn in the morning , The sunset came back in the evening . During this time , Some teammates are too hot to eat , Some teammates 20 I haven't been home for many days , I haven't seen the children at home …… even so , We still encourage each other , Work together to overcome all kinds of difficulties , Never stop fighting the virus , Just because we are soldiers in white , Always want to give everyone a sense of security “ Great white ”........

8 month 21 Japan , morning 5:00 We gathered and set out , Arrive in the village in an hour , People waiting for sampling have long lined up , After we took the time to take protective measures, we began to take samples . I always encourage the people at the sampling table :“ take it easy , Just a moment !” They will all return with thanks :“ The nurse , You've been working hard ! You are wonderful !” That's it , We encourage each other , Comfort each other , Finish the first village in one morning 818 Sampling of person times .

At noon, , We hurried through lunch and rushed to the collection point in another village . See people standing in the hot sun , Overcome difficulties and line up as required , We are deeply moved , Move the consciousness and self-discipline of the masses , Moved by their support for the anti epidemic work . We are immediately ready to work , But once you put on your protective clothing , The chest began to drip sweat , Don't out 20 minute , Inside the protective clothing T The shirt was soaked , Everyone is gritting their teeth and insisting . People see us wearing airtight protective clothes in such hot weather , He bought us ice water to cool down . At the queue , I heard a little girl crying , I asked her why she was crying , She said :“ Afraid of pain , I don't want to check .” I communicate with her patiently :“ The little girl , It doesn't hurt at all , You just open your throat , I quickly 、 Just take a little something gently , Don't worry !” The little girl heard my gentle words , He opened his mouth in trust , Hair “ ah ” With the help of sound, I successfully completed the nucleic acid collection . She said happily :“ Thank you aunt , It really doesn't hurt !”

finally , The task of one day was successfully completed , A full 12 Hours , The two acquisition points complete 1025 Human nucleic acid collection . When taking off protective clothing , Everyone is dizzy , It took a while to slow down , The deep indentation on the face also slowly dissipated .

In the days of fighting the epidemic , Thank my teammates , Practice Nightingale's oath together , Ignite the retrograde light with love ! Thank the masses for their strong support , Hand in hand through the unforgettable summer , Build a firm foundation with warmth “ A firewall ”!( Hou Linlan Arrangement )

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