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Efficient design! Loudi Economic Research Institute of State Grid helped build the first "taxi home" charging station in Hunan

2021-08-27 18:04:38 Red Net

Red net moment Loudi 8 month 23 - ( correspondent Yuan Shu )8 month 22 Japan , The distribution network designers of State Grid Loudi Economic Research Institute have efficiently completed the design of Loudi central urban area “ Taxi home ” Design of supporting power grid infrastructure project for charging station expansion , Actively respond to the relevant needs of the energy industry , Promote the orderly implementation of charging station project in Loudi .

Loudi “ Taxi home ” The charging station construction project is the first in Hunan Province “ Taxi home ” Charging station , Is a “ light 、 Store 、 charge 、 in ” Combined centralized demonstration charging station , It is also the realization of “ Carbon reaches its peak 、 Carbon neutralization ” The goal is , Important measures to promote green energy transformation . The project is located in the courtyard of Loudi XiangNeng Rural Power Service Co., Ltd , To be newly installed 26 individual 120 KW integrated DC charging pile , Due in 9 month 30 It was completed and put into use a few days ago . therefore , In order to improve the construction of supporting facilities of charging station , Ensure the power demand of the charging station , Plan to add 4 platform 630 KVA transformer can meet the power supply of new load .

As this time “ Taxi home ” Process leader of charging station industry expansion supporting project , State Grid Loudi economic research institute attaches great importance to ,8 month 13 After receiving the design task on the th , On the same day, the power distribution designer arrived at the site for investigation . At the right lap point , Route , The positioning and load of box transformer shall be carefully checked one by one , Designers rushed back to the company to start drawing design .8 month 17 Japan , While ensuring reliable power supply, designers , Take full account of economic factors , Finally came up with a set of feasible 、 science 、 Economical design . This design work , Received a task from , To complete the site survey , Determine the design , Finally complete the design , Interlocking , Connect closely , The design task is completed with high quality and efficiency .

since this year on , Loudi Economic Research Institute of State Grid has successively completed the West bus station 、 Hongjiashan scenic spot 、 Loudi municipal Party committee and municipal government, etc 6 Design of supporting infrastructure projects for industrial expansion of charging stations , It provides full power for the construction and implementation of charging station . next step , Loudi Economic Research Institute of State Grid will meet the relevant needs of new energy industry , Continuously improve the service level , Design carefully , Improve the scientificity of charging station construction 、 reliability , Ensure the high-quality landing of the charging station project in all aspects , Promote the company from the source of the project “ Double carbon ” Achieve the goal .

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