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The new benchmark of SUV model and the new Toyota harrier are real strength

2021-08-27 18:20:41 Oriental Information automobile

Toyota as an old car brand , Its model system is also very perfect . Toyota has launched a new SUV models , Or name it " Sharp release ", Let's have a preview .

The upper part of the front face is decorated with black bright strips , And connected with very sharp headlights on both sides , The overall sense is very strong . Large size black air intake grille is adopted for the lower enclosure , Highlights the sporty smell of the car .

The side lines are very smooth , Very beautiful . The rising triangular window design further highlights the sporty temperament of the car . The multi frame wheel hub at the bottom looks very dynamic and fashionable .

The tail lamp adopts a through design , And all of them were blackened , Very eye-catching after lighting . The rear surround is wrapped with a black trim panel . The exhaust mode of bilateral co outlet is adopted below .

On the interior, the three spoke multifunction steering wheel looks very solid and stable . Equipped with suspended central control screen , Full of sense of technology . The design of the gear handle is also very exquisite . The new car of power Shanghai is equipped with 2.0L and 2.5L Two sets of hybrid power systems , among 2.0L Maximum engine power 171 horsepower , Maximum torque 209 Cattle meters , The transmission is matched CVT transmission ,2.5L Hybrid system integrated maximum power 222 horsepower , And equipped with four-wheel drive system .

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