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The new BMW 4-series grancoupe is pre sold at Chengdu auto show, with an initial increase of 80000. Do you buy it?

2021-08-27 18:26:36 Oriental Information automobile

The Chengdu auto show that I originally said I would postpone , It's more like a joke with the car circle , Only later than scheduled 2 Days of TA, Back to the hot search of the network again . So BMW officials announced TA Officially opened a new generation 4 system GranCoupe Pre sale products , It will also usher in the global debut of real cars at Chengdu auto show . Altogether 3 A version ,37.5 Wan to 47 Between ten thousand , Those who thought BMW 4 It's a little buddy with only two doors , Come on , Look at the four doors .

All the time 4 Make complaints about the vertical double kidney net design , Completely different from the previous model design ,TA It looks more alternative . This time 4 system GranCoupe The front face design is the same as that previously listed 4 system Coupe Basically the same , Still maintain this style , What I like should be domineering , Don't like , We don't pay attention to it ?

I never thought this car would have 4 Door plate , After all, for the positioning of the model , It's the feeling of pulling the wind with two doors . But from the side of the car, there seems to be no sense of procrastination , It's still very compact and dynamic , The design of the big sliding back is also in line with the positioning of its coupe . It's just Ta The length of the back door is very short , I wonder if the space in the car will be as spacious as the double doors .

Generally speaking ,4 Door models are bigger than double door models , however 4 system GranCoupe The length, width and height are respectively 4783/1852/1442mm, The wheelbase is 2856mm, Only two doors Coupe The model is slightly longer 1cm. Um. , But they said , Height increased 5cm, It can ensure head space .

Compared to appearance , Obviously, there was no surprise in the interior of the car , And previous domestic 3 There is basically no difference between the two systems , Or the simple style of double color matching .

Power on , Sales in China 4 system GranCoupe All are 2.0T The engine , Of course Ta Divided into high and low power ,425i Low power version ,430i High power version , The former can output 184 horsepower 、300N·m, The latter can output 258 horsepower 、400N·m. The whole transmission system is matched ZF 8AT transmission . Ghost car view : The funniest thing , It's not whether you choose this car or not , But there is a grapevine saying that at present 4 Systematic GranCoupe The model is currently booked in the store, and the price needs to be increased 8 ten thousand , Is this a little too much ?

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