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From Retro to science fiction! Chengdu auto show great wall new car market

2021-08-27 18:28:30 Automobile hoist ring

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A report from the car gourd circle

In this year's 6 month 28 Japan , Great Wall motor 2025 At the Strategy Conference , Wei Jianjun announced an extremely grand strategic goal : To 2025 year , Great Wall Motors will realize annual sales in the global market 400 The target of 10,000 vehicles , The proportion of new energy will reach 80%, At the same time, the annual operating revenue will reach 6000 Billion .

without doubt , In the strategic planning of the Great Wall ,5 In years, they will be a global giant auto enterprise , Covering almost all markets 、 Vehicle type and energy category .

And about to 8 month 29 Chengdu International Auto Show opened on the th , Great Wall Motors announced 2025 The first international after the strategy A Class a auto show ; Judging from the information we have obtained , This time, Great Wall Motors has indeed prepared many “ Big action ”, And it will also cover everything from cars to SUV, From fuel to new energy , From Retro to science fiction, a variety of strategic products appear or go on sale .

In a sense ,2021 Chengdu International Auto Show , It is the first public display of Great Wall Motors on the world stage . And this time , We will also make a brief inventory of several new great wall models that have been determined to be unveiled or sold at Chengdu auto show .

High end tanks of great significance 600

At the previous Shanghai Auto Show , With tanks 300 The popular tank brand officially announced its independence , At the same time, several relative 300 Higher positioning models , Include 600/700 and 800.

And among these three cars , tanks 600, It will be the first model to enter the market , It is expected to be officially unveiled at this auto show , Even directly open the pre-sale link , It also marks that the tank brand will officially start to attack the higher-end market .

The reason is that it is a more high-end market , The core is still the tank 600 High end strength of hard core , It will be the first to carry the Great Wall 3.0T+9AT Powertrain models . It may also be the first impact of the Great Wall 25 Ten thousand is even 30 Original models in 10000 market , From any point of view , It is the representative work of the Great Wall at this stage , Extraordinary significance .

WEY The brand takes on the task of measuring

from VV Series to coffee series , On the surface, it's WEY The great replacement of brand car series , But essentially WEY The brand has completed the strategic switching of brand positioning , Since then, pure high-end luxury , Up to now, precise layout and intelligent technology .

And Macchiato, which is coming to Chengdu auto show , Although it is the second car under the new positioning , But the essence is the first one under the new positioning “ Amount of travel ” models ; Because Mocha has relied on “ Coffee drive ” The powerful automatic driving performance gives consumers enough trust , And this time perfectly inherited Mocha “ Coffee drive ” Macchiato of the system , On the basis of not only positioning lower and cheaper , It also adds more fuel-efficient DHT Hybrid assembly , From any point of view , It will become WEY Under the brand , New sales explosion .

Harvard, which subdivides the sports market H6S

In the previous generation of Haval's old platform , Harvard, who is positioning fashion movement F7X Still attracted the attention of many consumers , Its smooth and comfortable sedan run SUV modelling , Intelligent interactive vehicle machine central control , From every point of view “ Young people's dishes ”.

And this generation. “ Lemon platform ” models , Although there has been a red rabbit with a very clear movement orientation , However, its entry-level compact positioning has affected the final decision of many consumers .

therefore , Based on the third generation H6“ Large compact class ” From the size of H6S, Will officially meet the public at this Chengdu auto show .

In terms of specific information about new cars ,H6S Continue to use F7X Car running SUV idea , The whole is extremely fashionable and smooth , At the same time, based on the new lemon platform , Its power 、 The intelligence of the whole vehicle has also been greatly upgraded , It has almost become the present 10-15 In the 10000 market , The best car run SUV product .

Harvard's new technology flagship beast

As the main brand of Great Wall Motors , Harvard's action at this Chengdu auto show must be far more than one H6S; In fact H6S outside , Haval will also bring new flagship products of science and technology in this Chengdu auto show “ Mythical Animals ”.

In terms of the specific positioning of the new car , According to the existing information , The new car should be positioned at A+ perhaps B Class level , After all, the body length exceeds 4 rice 7, The wheelbase has also reached 2 rice 8, At the same time, the most basic power plant Chengdu is the latest high-power of the Great Wall 1.5T, Maximum 184 horsepower , Enough to meet the flagship definition .

as for “ Technology flagship ” Name , The core of the divine beast is that it is equipped with software previously only used in WEY On the brand “ Coffee drive ” System , In addition to the very high-quality interconnection ecology and interaction ability in the car , It also has quasi L3 Class a autonomous driving ability ; And the future lies in FOTA Under the continuous evolution of upgrading , It is entirely possible to achieve L3 Definition requirements of level 1 automatic driving .

It's worth looking forward to .

Beautiful enough to make people crazy ballet cat

At the beginning, we talked about , To 2025 year , Great Wall Motors will become a giant auto enterprise with all energy routes , And the above four new cars , It's all pure fuel and hybrid , obviously , We also need a pure electric car .

The Euler concept car that has been unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show “ Punk cat ”, This time, it will appear in the mass production version at Chengdu auto show , be known as “ Ballet cat ”. Of course , Because there are still many details uncertain , So we can't promise with a pat on the chest “ Ballet cat ” It must be “ Punk cat ” Mass production version of , Or maybe it's just one of the series of punk cats .

Punk cat

Of course , From the pictures that have been exposed so far , Ballet cat's reproduction of punk cat's modeling is quite thorough , Classic vintage car style , Match with the pink color matching that can fascinate girls , Really beautiful to explode .

Punk cat

meanwhile , According to previous information , The new car will also be equipped with honeycomb power's latest cobalt free battery , Under the background of ensuring extremely strong endurance and fast charging ability , Compressed battery cost , So that the whole vehicle is expected to reach 20 Within ten thousand yuan .

The final summary :

Of this inventory 5 models , They are all models that have been determined to appear on the scene of Chengdu auto show ; But according to the routine of the Great Wall , We don't rule out that there may be hidden egg models that will appear at that time , therefore , Please also pay attention to our account , In the next two weeks , We will also bring you continuous updates about Chengdu auto show .

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