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Tesla's Shanghai plant has a daily output of 1000 modely vehicles, more than Model3

2021-08-27 18:32:33 TechWeb

8 month 23 Japan news : Tesla Super Shanghai produces... Every day 1000 car Model Y, Officially more than every day 800 car Model3 The output of . As report goes , Tesla was at the Shanghai Super factory last week Model Y This achievement was achieved four days after the production line was closed , This has updated the production line of the factory .

Last week, Tesla Shanghai factory updated its production line for four days ,Model Y The capacity of phase II has reached... Per day 1000 car . The daily production capacity has exceeded... Per day 800 car Model3 The number of . so to speak ,Model Y Production has entered a high-yield stage . According to Tesla's previous plan , The main production in the third quarter was for export .

Tesla's super factory in China is known as a major export center this quarter . Shanghai Super factory kicked off strongly in the third quarter ,Model Y Export to Europe for the first time . Tesla China reports that , In the first month of the third quarter 8000 More than a Model Y.

Tesla Shanghai Super factory not only exports cars to Europe . Last weekend, , Someone found a batch of Tesla Model3 The car pulled in at the dock Triton Ace Cargo ship , The ship is scheduled to sail for Singapore , Therefore, it may also export to Singapore .

Current Model Y Production data show that , expect Model Y Our sales will soon surpass Model S、Model X and Model3 The sum of . Tesla also plans to make Model Y Become the world's best-selling car among all Tesla models, including pickup trucks .

7 month , Shanghai factory exports Tesla cars to overseas in total 24347 car . tesla Model3 The volume of exports still significantly exceeds Model Y Export volume of . Tesla China has exported... Abroad 16137 car Model3 and 8210 car Model Y. However , With the development of Shanghai factory Model Y The output exceeds Model3, Exports may change in the next few quarters .

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