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It's almost time for the exam. It's easy to prepare like this!

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The most difficult subjects in the driving test are Section 2 and section 3 , How to prepare ? The canon asked many students who had obtained certificates , The following suggestions are given :

Two subjects

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ask + summary

Listen to the coach's method , Don't think about it yourself , Ask if you don't understand , Even if you will be scolded, you have to ask . Don't be embarrassed , After all, I don't know , In the examination room, it's still you who suffer .

What do you ask ?

Ask this : What is the exact point 、 How to master the clutch 、 How to control the speed , How was the last one ……

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Recording position + Direction

Take a count first , Then learn to fix the direction , Dare to go in the direction and be fast , And remember how to correct . Early steering can be repaired , Playing late is equivalent to waiting to die . Learn to adjust the distance between the body and the sideline .

Subject 3

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Lighting is key

Never despise the light , The light can't pass , No matter how good the car is .

Before each project, think about whether to turn on the turn signal , In simulated light : There are by 、 The overtaking is the alternation of high and low beams , Meet the bus 、 Car following 、 The lighting is good. They are all low beam lamps , Poor lighting is high beam .

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Be sure to remember the details

There are too many details in Section 3 , To prevent forgetting , Number the specific steps of each project , Operate in order by number .

Speed and gear should match , The overtaking speed of the merging line cannot be reduced , And you can jog the steering wheel , When the car enters the driveway , Always turn on the turn signal first and then shift into gear , Stop and return to neutral .

Take every subject seriously

The best way to practice is to treat every practice as an exam . Students can write down the whole operation process with a memo during the exercise , Before going to bed at night, make a mental revision .

It's not that hard to get a driver's license , I can practice , The exam is mainly to spell psychological quality , Don't panic, operate step by step .

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Pay attention to me , Help you pass the exam quickly ~

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In the past a key review

The good news ! Extend the validity of the driving test 、 Implementation of electronic driver's license 、 Increase the number of exams ……

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