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Is the car avant-garde and lovable? ATZ has no discount at present, starting from 175800 yuan

2021-08-27 18:54:29 Oriental Information automobile

A car dealer in Shaoguan recently announced ATZ's favorable market in the region : At present, there is no discount for ATZ to buy a car ,17.58 From ten thousand yuan , The specific selling price information is shown in the figure below :

Review the basic situation of ATZ . aesthetic , The appearance of ATZ has never been disappointing , Compared with the previous style , China open has expanded both vertically and horizontally , The lines are less complicated than before , This front looks more concise than the old model , The weaving of Zhongwang is also very exquisite , It shows a sense of craftsmanship . The side shape basically hasn't changed , The main reason is that the rim style is more three-dimensional . There is only one difference between the rear and the old model , It's the tail logo . The new car will have SKYACTIV-X Of “ Exclusive logo of compression ignition version ”. The premium feel of a car is also reflected in the interior atmosphere , The interior of the new generation ATZ takes the lead in adopting the Mazda concept car "VISION COUPE" Design concept on , With simple and smooth lines , Outline the elegant interior style , A large area is wrapped with soft materials , The parts touched by the passenger's body are soft . The center console is also decorated with Aosiwei high-grade fabric , It feels smooth and delicate , It adds a good sense of movement to the interior . The inside of the door panel and the middle of the center console , There are also imported Hokkaido high-grade bolt wood veneers , With the cold texture of solid wood , Add natural elements to the interior , Make the sense of luxury stronger , The high-level atmosphere of the ATZ interior is very good . The car carries 2.5L Four cylinder naturally aspirated engine , The most powerful 192 horsepower , Peak torque 252N.m, matching 6 Self - contained gearbox , And meet the national six emissions , ATZ front and rear suspension is McPherson independent suspension + Stabilizer bar and multi link independent suspension + Transverse stabilizer bar , The driving mode of front drive is adopted . In terms of configuration , The compression ignition version is standard HUD Head up display and GPS Navigation , At the same time, voice control has richer content . However, the configuration upgrade is nothing more .

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