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In the two car accidents, GM lost 33 billion and Toyota lost 1.7 billion, which has become a typical lesson in the industry!

2021-08-27 18:54:41 Oriental Information automobile

Some time ago , The state has issued a policy of reporting violations with awards , As soon as this policy comes out , Many people have turned this into their main business , Shoot on the overpass with a HD camera , And the monthly average can shoot 50 Zhang , This can directly explain why the incidence of car accidents in China ranks first in the world . In our country , On average, there is a car accident every minute , Therefore, the problem of car accidents should not be underestimated !

In order to prevent traffic accidents not caused by yourself , Many new drivers have also become old drivers , In addition, in order to minimize accident losses , Basically everyone bought auto insurance . In case of auto insurance , Most car accident insurance companies will give corresponding compensation . However, there are some accidents caused by manufacturers , The cause of this accident is the car itself , Generally speaking, the car goes through quality inspection when it leaves the factory , However, under no circumstances can we guarantee 100% , There are always a few people whose quality is not up to the standard who have escaped the net . What I want to say today is about the car accident caused by the quality problem of the car , Both companies also give corresponding compensation .

The accident was in the United States , The family drove a Lexus , Being chased by others when going out , At this time, the rear seat suddenly fell down , The child sitting on the chair was crushed to death on the spot by the overturned chair , The scene was horrible . Why did the chair turn over ? After various inspections in the later stage , Finally, the problem is located in the car seat design , The design has major flaws . Except for the rear end owner , Toyota was also sued by its owners , It was finally decided that Toyota should compensate 17 One hundred million yuan , And this accident also made Lexus famous in the United States .

Another car accident is also a car design problem , At that time, the vehicles designed by General Motors had high potential safety hazards , The spontaneous combustion of vehicles is not once or twice . Until a car spontaneously ignited , Burn the people in the car seriously , People who have experienced the accident in the society took GM to court , Finally, the court decided , These accidents are really a design problem of the car , Sentence GM to compensation 330 $ , So much compensation , It goes down in history .

These two lessons have also reminded many car companies , The safety of the car itself cannot be ignored , In recent years, I have heard of car accidents caused by vehicle failure , So everyone must be careful when buying a car , It's best to take care of it when it's time to take care of it , If the car has a minor fault, don't think it won't affect the driving and don't repair it , These are great hidden dangers that can threaten life . Okay , Today's sharing is here , For the above two kinds of sky high compensation , What do you want to say ?

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