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The first day of the "restart" of Nanyue scenic spot "limited, reserved and peak staggering" was in order

2021-08-27 19:01:46 Red Net

8 month 23 Japan , Tourists wear masks and enter Nanyue scenic spot orderly .

Tourists can pass by themselves by brushing their faces with their permits .

Tourists boarded zhurong peak in order .

The staff are disinfecting .

Red net moment Hengyang 8 month 23 - ( correspondent Wenlan Zeng Xiaoyan Yi Bin The reporter Shi Shan )8 month 23 In the morning , Nanyue damiaoqianping, Nanyue District, Hengyang City , Tourists lined up early and orderly , They all want to visit the scenic spot that has been suspended for many days before the peak of the flow of people .

morning 7 spot , Tourists are tested under the guidance of staff “ Three yards a order ”、 Register personal information , Line up in order to enter the scenic spot . In the scenic spot , Posted in many places “ Wear a mask 、 Keep the space per capita ” And other epidemic prevention and control signs ; Warmth “ Small horn ” Remind tourists of personal protection from time to time 、 Pay attention to personal safety ; police 、 Security 、 The staff of the scenic spot are in their respective places , Earnestly perform their respective post responsibilities , Happy for tourists 、 Provide services for safe Tours .

Tourists who buy tickets online in advance have a pleasant passage all the way ,“ In the past, the ticket was torn manually when passing the gate , Now you can pass by yourself as long as you brush your face with your certificate , Convenient and quick .” Mr. Huang, a tourist who came from Changsha last night, sighed ,“ More importantly, contact free , Health and safety !”

Nanyue scenic spot is strictly implemented “ limited 、 make an appointment 、 Staggering peak ” requirement , Strictly implement “ No admission without reservation ” principle , Before visitors enter the park , Appointment is required through official account No. . today , Before booking tickets through the Internet 100 Tourists also got a job “ Zhu Rong ” Cultural and creative souvenirs and a group photo of Nanyue Hengshan .

“ Very happy and very surprised , I think Nanyue is much more perfect now , And we are closer to tourists , Nanyue is really my blessed land , Come back often !” Ms. Zhu, who had just reached the top of zhurong peak, was very happy after receiving the gift .

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