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Yongding war "epidemic": dayongqiao street and Zhugang community women's Federation's anti epidemic action

2021-08-27 19:02:02 Red Net

Red net moment Zhangjiajie 8 month 23 - ( correspondent Tian Sanmei ) The epidemic is raging , In the face of sudden changes , According to the arrangement of dayongqiao sub district office of Yongding District , And the residential community enters... At the first time “ Emergency state ”. Each group in each community within the jurisdiction shall knock on the door to check the information of registration personnel door by door , And implement epidemic prevention and control publicity policies , Organize volunteers to participate in the anti epidemic , The community women's Federation also actively participated in the fight against epidemic diseases .

Tang Yanyan ,40 year , Vice president of community women's Federation , Her husband died nearly two years , There are father-in-law and mother-in-law , There are 3 Daughter , maximal 17 year , The smallest 9 year . When she first signed up to volunteer , My father-in-law and mother-in-law strongly opposed , Say she's positive , No one else will attend , Besides, you're a woman . Tang Yanyan said :“ Now is the most difficult time , You should also contribute , I know you two old people care about me , As long as you take good care of the three children , I'll be relieved .” Finally, the two old men agreed , But every day on duty, I still call and ask . from 7 month 30 From the th day on, stick to the front line of anti epidemic every day , Statistics of residents in this group , Organize the personnel of this group to do nucleic acid detection 、 Material distribution , I was busy in the morning and didn't go home until dark . Each nucleic acid test of residents in this group 293 people , Arrange the elderly to test in front of the group , For those who are inconvenient to move, the team leader shall take the medical staff to conduct door-to-door inspection . At the time of resident information registration , She first knows which household needs help , In this group, residents have needs , All for them as soon as possible , Never complain or get tired . Group 2: old man Chen Xianci 86 year , have difficulty getting about , Daily necessities every time 、 Tang Yanyan personally delivered the materials to the door , Be punctual at the checkpoint , In the face of this group, individual old people want to go out , She explained patiently , Explain over and over again , Several old people finally went back .

Hou yunian , Group leader of group 7 , Executive Committee of community women's Federation , Since the fight against the epidemic, supplies have been distributed to the residents of the group every day , The residents of the group 4 Single purchase of materials at one time in the world , After the materials arrive at the card point of the group , Sent by them to every door , Eggs distributed by the community 、 chili 、 Wax gourd 、 pumpkin 、 Onions 、 rice 、 Oil and other materials , Distribute to households according to the number of households in the group , Four old people distribute more . Especially old Ding zushou 85 year , My wife also 79 year , Son and daughter-in-law live in the city all year round , Only the old couple accompany . In addition, Ding zushou himself is ill and takes medicine all year round , You have to be helped when you walk , Two old people don't have smartphones , You can't enter the wechat group of this group , I don't know the information of this group , Hou yunian goes to Ding zushou's house every day , Take their temperature with a temperature gun . There are four old people in this group , Children are not in front of , She came to the door in advance and called four old people for nucleic acid testing first , Four old people are in poor health , Buy medicine 、 Drug delivery 、 She delivered daily necessities by herself . In the face of the epidemic , Hou yunian is stronger than men , Community jobs are never discounted , Work more than ten hours a day , And sometimes I will take the place of volunteers in the zero shift at the checkpoint of this group . The leader of the insurance company is very satisfied with her work , Said she did not miss a family , No one left , Other male team leaders laughed that she had been black and shining since the fight against the epidemic .

Yan Didi , Community labor protection officer , Executive Committee of the women's Federation . Since the fight against the epidemic, he has lived in another house at home , Don't meet children , Because she has a lot of work every day , Make an account , Input the information of personnel in the community area into the computer for registration , Print material , And every time she does nucleic acid testing, she is the on-site information recorder , Wear protective clothing like a doctor , After the test, the whole body's clothes are sweating . Take off your protective clothing and go to the community to make an account , And is 7 A group and 5 Account of a community , Almost every night 12 Don't go home to rest until after , And clean the community office every morning 、 disinfect , Never complain .

And Wu Yanping , Take pains to serve the residents of this group every day …… The residential community has 21 Women took part in the fight against the epidemic , They are in different positions , On different card points , Silently contribute to the life safety and health of residents .

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