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Liu Heping, a veteran of Xiangxiang: making contributions to the "new battlefield" of Rural Revitalization

2021-08-27 19:02:07 Red Net

Hongwang Xiangxiang City Branch news ( Xiangxiang financial media reporter Wu Di Wang Zhixiong ) Now I walk into Wenxing village, Jinshi Town, Xiangxiang City , The road is clean and tidy , The house is in order , The scenery is beautiful , People are happy . Talking about the changes in this village , The villagers couldn't help thumbing up :“ Thanks to our ‘ Military Secretary ’, Lead us to a well-off society .” And what the villagers say “ Military Secretary ” It's Liu Heping, Secretary of the general Party branch of Wenxing village, Jinshi town .

At the vegetable base , Liu Heping and the villagers picked fresh sweet potato leaves .

Now , It's hot pepper 、 Towel gourd and other seasonal vegetables in summer are in high production period . Walk into Hongkang vegetable planting base in Jinshi town , When we looked around , On both sides of the neat village road , Green vegetables are growing well , Sweet potato leaves are blue and blue , White towel gourd 、 Green peppers hang all over the branches , The villagers are busy in the field , Showing a scene of bumper harvest .

Introduction to villagers , The vegetable planting base used to be a deserted field , There has been such a big change , I have to thank someone , That is Liu Heping . Liu Heping 17 Join the army at the age of , Tempered the loyal party spirit in the hot military camp ; After retiring , He doesn't fade when he leaves the army , Lead the villagers to increase their income and become rich . Under his guidance , Wenxing village explores to “ cooperative + base + Peasant household ” The mode of developing industry , Dividends through equity participation 、 Absorb employment, etc , Broaden the way for villagers to increase their income and become rich .“ You can make money at home , The old people and children at home are also taken care of , How nice! !” Zhao Bo, a villager working in the base, said happily .

The industry has developed , The environment in the village has also become beautiful , This is the personal feeling of the villagers in Wenxing village . Liu Heping organizes environmental cleaning activities every Monday , Murakami Party member 、 Volunteers put on “ Red waistcoat ”, Some take brooms , Some latte shovels , Clean up along the main road of the village . More Than This , He also guided the villagers to clean the front and back of the house , Enhance the enthusiasm of the masses to participate in the improvement of human settlements . Today, , The village environment is clean and tidy , The farmyard is full of green , The villagers live a comfortable life , The happiness index is rising .

Liu Heping won some honors .

From excellent soldiers to excellent secretaries of grass-roots party organizations to advanced individuals in poverty alleviation in Hunan Province , Liu Heping has won many awards . This year, , He won the prize again “ Model veterans of Hunan Province ” Title of honor . Behind these honors , It embodies his years of hard work and silent dedication , And the dedication to the well-being of the people .“ I will always remain a soldier , Stick to the heart of the people at the beginning of the Republic , In the countryside ‘ New battlefield ’ Keep working on , Keep exploring , Let the villagers live better and better .” Liu Heping said .

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