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100% of patents are held by foreign countries. Is there a future for China's hydrogen energy vehicles?

2021-08-27 19:08:17 Oriental Information automobile

Hydrogen energy is essentially clean 、 Low carbon 、 Efficient , It is of great significance to the security of the energy system , But actually , The development of hydrogen energy is difficult all over the world . Is hydrogen energy absolutely clean ? Are hydrogen powered cars popular ? Is it enough for local plans to develop hydrogen energy as long as they are fully implemented ? stay “ Hydrogen society ” Before becoming a hot word for new energy , Followers have long pointed out , Hydrogen energy technology is actually in a technological advance , But the market is immature , And the related infrastructure is not fully matched . The three articles in this issue interpret the coping strategies one by one , Respectively from the “ leading ” The technical resistance of energy technology in the process of replacing traditional energy , Reflect on the choice strategy of energy technology path ; From Toyota “MIRAI” Car sales , Analyze the cultivation strategy of China's hydrogen energy vehicle market ; And from the local infrastructure and industrial layout , Think about how to plan and guide the hydrogen energy industry chain through the national top-level design .

Hong Shihong

Japanese consumers are not interested in hydrogen powered vehicles . But in order to activate the market , Through free disclosure of some non core patents , Japan's Toyota is guiding more car companies to produce hydrogen energy vehicles along its technological path , It also includes exchanges with the Chinese government and enterprises . that , The Chinese government and enterprises will again take “ Market for Technology ” Your ideas ?

Hydrogen energy has a wide range of sources 、 High combustion calorific value 、 Clean and pollution-free , Be regarded as 21 The most potential clean energy in the 21st century . In recent years , The R & D and production of hydrogen energy vehicles have attracted much attention , basis 2020 Published in 《 Energy saving and new energy vehicle technology roadmap 2.0》, The number of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles has reached 100 Thousands of cars , Commercial vehicles realize hydrogen power transformation .

In the R & D and application of hydrogen energy , Japan is the most active promoter , Its layout in hydrogen energy is relatively advanced , It can also provide some reference experience for the development of hydrogen energy in China .

Go high and go low “ Basic strategy of hydrogen energy ”

2017 year 12 month , The Japanese government launched “ Basic strategy of hydrogen energy ”, Plan in 2030 The commercialization of hydrogen power generation will be realized around . In the early stage of the development of hydrogen energy industry , The government will give some subsidies , Plan to 2025 year , So that enterprises can basically be responsible for their own profits and losses .

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