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Tank 600 officially renamed tank 500 or see you at Chengdu auto show!

2021-08-27 19:08:28 Oriental Information automobile

Nearly a month tanks 600 The news is coming out one after another , Design sketch 、 Espionage exposure 、 Until the official map released two days ago , There are hot spots about this car almost every few days .8 month 23 Japan , The tank brand officially announced that the tank 600 Renamed tank 500, And will meet you at Chengdu auto show as originally planned . tanks 600 After the change of name , The official map has also changed , The license plate, which originally had only the tank logo, is now also written on the tank 500, In fact, the great wall could have released the official map and the name change at the same time , Now, the purpose of a few days apart is to earn more heat .

motivation , tanks 500 Equipped with... Independently developed by Great Wall Motors “3.0T+9AT” powertrain , The most powerful 260kW, Peak torque 500Nm, Match vertical 9 Speed gearbox . So since the powertrain has not changed , The real tank of the future 600 Maybe a more wild , More powerful hardline off-road .

I have long believed that tanks 500 Not the model on the previous sketch , Because this car looks more like a Prado 、 Land patrol , Even more like Harvard H9, It just innovates the power , And with the tank brand blessing, the influence will be stronger , So the future tank 600 My performance will make me look forward to more .

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