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Who dares to "compete with Toyota Rand cooluze GR sports version"

2021-08-27 19:08:30 Oriental Information automobile

In recent days, , Xiaobian obtained a group of from relevant channels Toyota Rand coolozer GR Real car drawing of sports version , It is reported that , The overall style of the new car is quite different from that of the ordinary model , How about the specific situation , Interested partners can look down with Xiaobian .

In terms of appearance, the logo in front of the air inlet grille on the car face is very bright , The combination of the two instantly enhances the sportiness of the whole vehicle , And the trim strip is connected with the lamp set , Make the integrated visual effect of the car face full , Besides , The inner net of the grid adopts a blackened design , It looks atmospheric and low-key .

The overall body of the new car looks very grand and powerful , The convex pedals make the car more hardy , The lower hub is very solid , It is very aggressive when matched with the body .

The tail lights of the new car are visually thick , The license plate frame and the logo are designed on the same horizontal plane , Increased rear identification .

In terms of interior upholstery, the seats in the car are in black and red , And equipped with a three width multifunctional steering wheel , Among them, the design of complex central control , Make the car look very retro and mechanized .

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