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How intelligent is the "digital car"? Test drive · Skoda new sharp Pro

2021-08-27 19:08:36 Oriental Information automobile

Your impression of Skoda , What does it look like ?…… Perhaps in the eyes of most people , Will feel that its models are stable 、 Known for its introversion and texture . however , With the new sharp PRO The arrival of the , It has finally overturned people's inherent impression of Skoda brand .

As a star product of Skoda , Mingrui is the best-selling model in its whole series —— Up to now , Its cumulative sales in China have exceeded 140 Thousands of cars . With the renewal of the fourth generation of Mingrui , Skoda has also given it more leading equipment , Greatly improve its product power .“ Digital cockpit ”: What does it mean ? Open the official website of SAIC Volkswagen Skoda , You will see the manufacturer's response to the brand-new Mingrui PRO The interpretation of :“ Digital German intelligent sedan ”; The media is more direct , Call it “ Digital cockpit ”. Call it anyway , You can see “ Numbers ” The weight of two words in it —— In other words ,“ Digitization ” New sharp PRO, It will be completely different from your impression of Skoda .

At the appearance level , New Mingrui PRO The overall design of has not changed much ; But due to the adjustment of lines and details , Give Way “ Sense of movement ” The word is finally fully reflected in the model of Mingrui . Why do you say that? ?…… Think back to that “ No one is afraid of ” Bright and sharp RS—— Although you know it's fast 、 I also know it's fast , But only in terms of appearance , I really can't see that it should be a “ Steel cannon ”. however , Today's sharp PRO It's totally different . younger 、 Sporty design , It meets the aesthetic standards of young people in this era ; As for the inherited hatchback trunk , Not only continues its classic shape , Also become the finishing touch .

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