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Dead crabs are sold as live crabs. Why do "net red" restaurants often "roll over"?

2021-08-27 19:14:58 Red Net

8 month 23 Japan , The reporter found that , Fat brothers are flaunting “ The food is fresh ” The chaos behind : The live crab that is being killed is the one that was slaughtered the day before “ Overnight crab ”; After simple processing, the expired and deteriorated potatoes are sent to the table again ……(8 month 23 Japan 《 The Beijing news 》)

However, this is not an example , Recently, there have been many “ online celebrity ” Catering brands have attracted extensive attention due to food safety problems . from “ online celebrity ” Snack Wallace fried chicken 、 Yang Guofu spicy hot to “ online celebrity ” Milk tea Naixue's tea 、 Snow Ice City , Cockroaches are rampant 、 The normal use of spoiled food is common in the back kitchen of these brand stores . This is also worrying , Whether the potential food safety problems exposed by catering enterprises are individual cases or just the tip of the iceberg ?

Food safety is the lifeline of catering enterprises .“ online celebrity ” The primary reason why catering has lost its bottom line is the absence of Supervision . By analyzing the recent food safety incidents, we can find , Most of the time is conducted by investigative journalists or we media , Only a few have found problems through comprehensive investigation by the market supervision department . thus it can be seen , Local governments often don't pay enough attention to food safety supervision, which consumes a lot of human and material resources . Regarding this , Local governments should increase the investment of supervision funds , Improve the inspection frequency and quality , Improve the reward reporting mechanism , Build a strong defense line for food safety .

secondly , Insufficient punishment also makes “ online celebrity ” The restaurant has repeatedly lost its bottom line . In the face of disclosure , give a narration “ online celebrity ” Most brands issue statements for enterprise self inspection at the first time ,“ Apologize and close down relevant stores for rectification ” It has become a common practice for enterprises to deal with “ tricks ”. It is unknown whether it only stays in a written statement without practical action . The small number of fines also makes “ Food safety ” If this lifeline exists or not . Even new 《 Food Safety Law 》, It is only to raise the lower limit of the fine to 5 Ten thousand yuan . Compared with “ online celebrity ” The restaurant has a daily turnover of tens of thousands , The amount of such a penalty is a drop in the bucket .

The distorted consumption view of diners makes “ online celebrity ” The restaurant ignores the bottom line . Often “ online celebrity ” The restaurant opened , Many consumers are flocking , The restaurant has become a resort for taking photos and punching cards , By “ online celebrity ” The consumption coerced by two words reduces consumers' attention to the food itself . Under the constant praise of consumers , Chain catering enterprises are expanding rapidly , By seizing the market to cater to consumers , It increases the difficulty of management , It exacerbates the overall risk that food safety is difficult to supervise .

“ online celebrity ” There are many cases of short-lived restaurants , But not because “ online celebrity ” The two words lose the foundation of catering enterprises . Whether it's restaurants or tea , If you blindly trample on the bottom line of food safety , Will eventually lose consumers , To be eliminated from the market . The relevant local authorities have filed a case for investigation , I hope these cases can sound an alarm to the catering industry : The quality of products should be strictly controlled at all times , Stick to the bottom line .

writing / Zhao yuyu ( Chongqing University )

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