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Cili County Government (Office) held the Party group meeting and the 10th centralized learning

2021-08-27 19:18:09 Red Net

Red net moment Zhangjiajie 8 month 23 Japan ( Cili station reporter Su Xiangyuan Intern reporter Quan Ding Jinxin )8 month 23 Japan , Deputy Secretary of Cili County Party committee 、 Hou Tiefu, acting county magistrate, presided over the meeting of Cili County Government ( do ) Party group meeting , And conducted the tenth centralized learning . County leader Li Yong 、 Zheng Zhong Liu 、 Man Jinhua 、 Tan benlun 、 Zou Hui 、 Xiong Lin Li 、 Du xiuyong 、 Li Yifang attended the meeting .

The conference conveyed the learning of general secretary Xi Jinping at the tenth meeting of the Central Committee on finance and economics 、 At the 30th meeting of the Political Bureau of the 19th CPC Central Committee ニ In the second group study 、 At the forum of non party people 、 At the meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee 、 The spirit of his important speech during his inspection in Tibet ; To study the 《 Premier Li Keqiang's speech on doing a good job in flood control, rescue and disaster relief 》; The discussion revised 2021 Annual responsibility decomposition plan for key work of the county people's government 、 The provincial government really paid close attention to the supervision and inspection of the incentive responsibility decomposition plan , Members of each team of the county government spoke on their respective responsibilities .

Hou Tiefu pointed out , Each team member's speech has clear working ideas 、 In depth risk analysis 、 The situation is studied and judged accurately 、 The future is clear , Combined with the actual situation of Cili County , The current main tasks and future work objectives were well discussed 、 Analysis and judgment . Hou Tiefu asked , We should closely focus on the objectives set by the 13th county Party Congress 、 Direction and mission , Be realistic , Understanding the status quo , Grasp the crux of the problem , In order to achieve grand goals and magnificent prospects, we should do a solid job in all work ; We should focus on the characteristics of the later stage of epidemic prevention and control to clarify the work direction and tasks , Sum up the experience of anti epidemic , Carry forward the anti epidemic spirit , Reshape humanistic values , Give full play to the overall advantages , Implement the normalization of epidemic prevention and control , Improve the system and mechanism 、 Return to work and production 、 Work such as making up for weaknesses ; We should closely focus on Cili County to protect the foundation 、 The basic reality of operation guarantee , Highlight the two major events of people's livelihood and development , confidence , Pragmatic action , Make every effort to promote the construction of key projects , Ensure that all basic indicators are completed ; Work objectives and tasks should be defined closely around their respective responsibilities , Attend to each one's own duties , As a whole to promote , Ensure the successful completion of various tasks .

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