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Zhang Xian, pioneer of anti epidemic: I want to help fight the epidemic

2021-08-27 19:23:45 Red Net

Fresh vegetables from the vegetable field , Zhang Xian and his son tidy up and repack together

As volunteers , Repackaging materials

Nucleic acid test registration

Red net moment Zhangjiajie 8 month 23 - ( Correspondent pan Xin Gu Jingwen )“ sister , Thank you , You are a very kind person .”

“ Big uncle , This dish is made by the State , Eat more , Take good care of your health !”

8 month 16 Japan , Zhang Xian, who lives in hujiahe community of xixiping office, took the vegetables distributed by the community to the home of Chen, an old man living alone in the community . See her come , The old man ran away from one side of the house , Thank you again and again .

Zhang Xian is an employee of Zhangjiajie Tourist Center Co., Ltd . After the outbreak , The company advocates party members 、 Employees shall participate in the epidemic prevention and control work nearby , She responded immediately , Report to hujiahe community where you live . Work with other volunteers in the community to maintain order at the nucleic acid testing site , Persuade people in the community “ Stubborn General Manager ”, Register nucleic acid detection information door-to-door , Provide... For residents living in isolation “ Running errands ” service …… Day or night , Rain or shine , As long as there is a work arrangement , She never prevaricates .

In order to do a good job of voluntary service at ease , She was on the day the containment message was sent , He entrusted the two children to his grandparents . As an active member of the party , She knows very well ,“ When the motherland and the people need , We have to rush ahead .”

Join the front line like her , Fighting side by side , And her husband Tian Bo . Tian Bo is also an employee of Jinshan cemetery, a subsidiary of the municipal economic investment group . As a company “ head ”, Sink to dingjiarong community for the first time , Carry out unit guarantee work . In addition to organizing nucleic acid testing in the community 、 Find out the resident information 、 Work related to card point rotation , He is also responsible for the company's own duty work . from 7 month 28 The date of , Tian Bo lives in the front line of epidemic prevention and control , The family never met again . Due to the busy work at hand , Inconsistent idle time , Their communication channel is only wechat messages .

“ Just finished the nucleic acid test , No accident, this should be the last time . Our family reunion is not far away ! Look forward to , Come on together ! love you .”8 month 23 Japan , Tissue nucleic acid test , It's late at night . She's as usual , Open the WeChat , Leave a message for your husband .

Think back to every nucleic acid test in the past half a month , Keep order back and forth , Remind everyone again and again , Zhang Xian was very moved . She said , My legs are numb , The sound hissed , The clothes are wet through , But don't feel tired . because ,“ In the face of this war , We have witnessed too much courage to overcome difficulties and warmth to help each other . Different locations , Different people , Stick with 、 Mission and love together build an indestructible ‘ Protective wall ’. And me and my family , Can be a brick of this wall , Can contribute to the fight against the epidemic , It's a great honor !”

Better a distant relative than a near neighbour . After the outbreak , As material procurement requires online orders , Contactless delivery , Considering that the elderly can't use smart phones , You can't buy vegetables in the group , Zhang Xian often calls the uncle , Care about their family life , And told the old man again and again :“ If you need anything, just contact me .”

She is a volunteer for epidemic prevention and control in the community , This is the third time she has sent food to the old man . For the first time 8 month 8 Japan , At that time, it was suddenly announced that the whole city would take sealing measures , Considering that the old man lives alone and has no care at home , When the telephone learned that there was a lack of living materials , She immediately picked the fresh vegetables in the garden , Sent to the old man's house .

The second, 8 month 11 Japan . Her younger brother Tian Lang, who is far away in Yunnan, entrusted her and her husband to help her purchase materials and donate them to community volunteers and every household . Contact purchasing channels , Choose , transport , Discharge cargo , distribution , It's many times more cumbersome than picking at home . same day , Her children have become little helpers , Work with her as a porter of love materials .

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