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Is it difficult to widen the car? Why do domestic cars always lengthen without widening?

2021-08-27 19:41:04 Oriental Information automobile

Why do domestic cars always lengthen without widening ? What we call lengthening , It refers to the upgrading of the same model , Lengthen the wheelbase for the vehicle , So that the vehicle has better longitudinal space , The internal riding space is naturally larger .

Ahaph H6 For example ,H6 As a god car in domestic brands , At present, it has been updated to the third generation model . With the second generation 4645*1860*1720, The wheelbase 2680mm Compared with the whole vehicle size and wheelbase , The third generation H6 The size of the whole vehicle has reached 4653*1886*1730, Wheelbase reached 2738mm. Although the new model is much wider than the old model 26mm, But this is a visual improvement , There is basically no change in the internal horizontal space . The biggest change , yes 18mm Wheelbase improvement brought by the conductor , Wheelbase lift up to 58mm, That is, it is often said to be lengthened . therefore , It's not nonsense that domestic cars always lengthen without widening , It's based on facts . So here comes the question , What is the reason why domestic cars are always lengthened but not widened ? Sum up , It's just the following reasons .

Cost reasons

Domestic cars are lengthened but not widened , The main reason is the cost . For the same car , Lengthen the car , The cost to pay , It's lower than widening the car .

On a car , There are about 20000 parts , A typical move leads the whole body . If you lengthen the vehicle , Just add wheelbase . General practice , It's in the car B Cut off at the back of the column , Move the rear body back a little , Then fill in the empty space .

To do so , The impact on the vehicle is relatively small , It will only change the center of gravity of the front and rear load of the vehicle , Affect the turning radius . After changing the wheelbase , Just redesign the suspension , And steering matching and other parts , It has little impact on the vehicle chassis , No need to spend a lot of money redesigning the chassis .

If you want to widen the vehicle , Make the car more than look wide , And sit up wide , That would be more trouble . The chassis needs to be redesigned , Overall rigidity , Hanging materials , Training , The layout of parts and components needs to be developed as a whole , Its difficulty , No less than redeveloping a new chassis . After all, lengthening can move back as a whole , What needs to be changed is B The part behind the column , There are few parts involved , The engine , The gearbox still doesn't move . But widening the vehicle , From the engine , The transmission starts , To the front, rear, left and right suspension , transmission shaft , rear axle , Trunk and other parts , All involved , Don't move . Want to move , The chassis must be redesigned . let me put it another way , The vehicle is extended and only moves 1/3, Vehicle widening needs to move all , It must cost more to move all .

For domestic cars , To sell cars , The core selling point is high configuration and low price , Bicycle profit is relatively low . If you want to widen the vehicle , Spend billions to redesign the chassis , The cost is really unbearable .

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