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Anti epidemic story | the warmth of retail people step by step

2021-08-27 19:41:21 Red Net

Fang Xiaoman answered the customer's phone , While confirming the order with the delivery Clerk .

Red net time correspondent Wang Luqi The reporter Li Senlin reports

30 people , Up and down 200 km , The date of return is unknown. This is Yiyang 、 changde 、 The number of experts in Xiangxi Prefecture rushing to aid Zhangjiajie . Received the call to help Zhangjiajie , They rushed to .8 month 13 Japan , Afternoon 5 spot . The first batch of retailers who arrived in Zhangjiajie step by step , It's too late to put down your luggage , Just get to work quickly . After isolation , There are less than... Left in each store 5 people , There are hundreds of orders waiting to be fulfilled online .

A small house , For all of you

Receive support from the rear , Zhangjiajie's step-by-step online categories range from vegetables, fruits and meat to several basic categories , Gradually open to 400 Multiple categories . From condiments 、 snacks , To daily life , Only to improve the living requirements and quality of Zhangjiajie residents during home isolation . The number of people has increased , The pressure is increasing .

This is particularly profound for Fang Xiaoman . Because I am in charge of all channel work in Yiyang Heshan store , The online overall planning work of Zhangjiajie Cross Street store naturally fell on her . We should not only coordinate the distribution and performance of the whole online order , She will come forward to solve any problem raised by the customer . besides , In the face of possible abnormal orders from tens of thousands of online users at any time 、 Return and exchange of goods , Fang Xiaoman wants to grow three heads and six arms .

While answering the customer's phone , While confirming the order with the delivery Clerk , One side shuttles through the goods like a wind and fire wheel 、 Single set 、 In the middle of the takeout , This capable woman , Without the slightest panic . She answered quite firmly :“ As long as you place an order , I promise I'll send it home !”

Mention family , Fang Xiaoman had a rare silence , Then he smiled and said , Because the residents here need , So we have to support . For tens of millions of families in Zhangjiajie to be at home , A brief separation between yourself and your family , It has meaning and value .

Deng Hongju comes from Wanda store in Changde .

A wife's regret

Due to the shortage of manpower during the epidemic , The distribution work of Bubugao supermarket Zhangjiajie store is completed with the cooperation of meituan riders . The performance time of meituan distribution is only 30 minute , And long orders for 40 or 50 items , People and horses need to walk through the shelves of the whole supermarket without stopping .

It was afternoon 5 spot , Fatigue weighed down , But orders are still pouring in . As a woman, Deng Hongju , Took the initiative to shoulder the heaviest responsibility . The longer the order , The more complex the items involved , We need to accurately find goods from all corners of the whole store in a short time . A long order of forty or fifty lines , She always takes the initiative .

Deng Hongju comes from Wanda store in Changde , She said she would come to Zhangjiajie this time , To make up for a regret .

2020 When the epidemic occurred in , Because my husband has travel records in Wuhan , As a wife, Deng Hongju had to accept isolation . Watching colleagues rush on the front line , Deng Hongju is anxious in her heart , But feel powerless . The time came to 2021, When you receive a request for help from Zhangjiajie , Deng Hongju stood up without hesitation . But I didn't think , Received strong opposition from her husband .

“ He can't beat me .” Deng Hongju smiled sweetly ,“ He calls me every day , My son also asked me when I could go back .”

But the return date , It's not known . Overloaded busy , Because of family ties , Also because of the unity of our companions , Become light . In Deng Hongju's heart , On the epidemic situation , Try not to leave regrets , It is the due responsibility and responsibility of step-by-step experts .

Yi Tao, head of the omni channel store of fund reserve from Yiyang Kangfu store , It seems that you will never be tired .

It's the son , More retail people

In order to ensure the combat effectiveness of all staff , Bubugao has arranged hotel accommodation for all personnel , But nonetheless , Every day 12 After hours of intense work , Fatigue still goes hand in hand .“ Get up the next day , Hands and feet are still numb .” This is the same feeling of almost every step-by-step epidemic aid personnel .

But look up , In a busy work area , It's hard to see fatigue in them . Yi Tao, head of the omni channel store of fund reserve from Yiyang Kangfu store , That's what the regional director yuan Pan said , People who never seem to be tired .

“ From here , He really hasn't rested for a minute .” Yuan Pan said . Discharge cargo 、 Freight transportation 、 picking , Just see , Can do , Yi Tao will take the initiative to do . A precious break at noon , Yi Tao never gasped for a moment .

This comes to step by step 5 Months of reserve Store Manager , There is only one thought in my heart : Colleagues need , Not only to help them through the difficulties , And be at your best 、 The greatest enthusiasm , Experience learned in practice inspection work . For Yi Tao , It's not just work , It is also the experience of self growth .

Yi Tao's confidence , Maybe the sentence from relatives :“ Don't worry, do it boldly , We support you .” But the bag is fully equipped with masks and alcohol , Telephone inquiries carefully every day , Or let Yi Tao feel the strong worry of his family .“ everything goes well , No hard work , The food is good , The store is also safe , There is nothing missing ……” To report happiness is not to report sorrow , It seems to be the consensus of all children who leave home .

He is a son , But he knows better , He is a retailer .

Father's agreement

The epidemic situation is testing the step-by-step retail people in Zhangjiajie , It also tests the relatives in the rear . Care , Miss , It's this one “ The battle ” The warm background behind , It is also their strength to move forward .

Liu Lei and Peng Chen , A fresh food shop from Anxiang store in Changde , One from Yiyang Heshan store . What they have in common , There are still young children in the family .5~8 year , It is the moment when children need their parents to be with them most , But for them , Miss can only be conveyed far away across the mobile phone screen .

Between work at noon , No time to eat , Liu Lei took the time to talk to 5 Year old daughter video chat . Even young children don't understand their father's work , Just being a father will go home to see her tonight .“ My daughter also asked me to bring him two bottles of drinks .” When I said that , His eyes are full of light .

Peng Chen's children 8 Year old . He will seriously say in the video :“ Dad is doing something meaningful , After this time , I'll see you .” These little agreements , Although late , But it will come .

When we talk about moving forward with weight , Talking about the weight of urban people's livelihood , It is also the power of family ties . Someone stopped , Someone will stick to ; Someone wants to leave soon , Someone for hope , Choose retrograde .

Like every ordinary life , They are parents , It's children , It's a husband or wife …… But in whatever capacity , Now they take on the responsibility of step-by-step retail people , Like the stars gathering in the sky , Into a cluster of fire , Reflecting the dawn of victory .

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