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After the second brush of rabbit violence, I saw the shadow of my sister in Qu ting

2021-08-27 19:43:57 Oriental Information automobile

A brush 《 Rabbit violence 》, On the surface , Rabbit violence is about an irresponsible mother reunited with a savage daughter , The absurd story of kidnapping a female classmate in order to pay off gambling debts .

Of course , In addition to the plot , Actor Wanxi has a variety of manners 、 Li Gengxi's paranoia and stubbornness 、 Huang Jue's underworld style 、 Pan Binlong's violent repression also left a very deep impression on me . Reflections on the original family and women's perspective caused by the film , Make the film itself more thick , It's a good movie .

Thinking that some details may be ignored , So take time to brush two , This time , Wanxi's rival play with Li Gengxi reminds me of a film at the beginning of this year 《 my sister 》, These two films , It looks like a movie about sister and brother 、 One is about mother and daughter , But there are many emotional similarities .

I like Li Gengxi very much in 《 Rabbit violence 》 Role play in , Mother Qu Ting ( Wan Qian decoration ) Left her when she was one year old , To Shenzhen “ Pursue dreams ” Went to the , I came back after more than ten years , Children who have no mothers since childhood have seen their mothers , It's bound to be stiff at first , But Shuiqing took the first step bravely , Always be the one who takes the initiative :

At first, I texted Qu Ting , call “ Won't disturb your life ”; Finally got into Qu Ting's car , In order to stay longer , Crazy hints :“ I'm not in a hurry to go back ”; Afraid of Qu Ting's pressure , He also hastened to pretend to be free and easy to add :“ We'll just get along naturally , You don't have to be a mother and daughter .” See Li Gengxi's eyes eager to respond and afraid of being rejected like a small beast , It suddenly occurred to me that this year 4 The movie of the moon fire 《 my sister 》 The scene of a conversation between my brother an Ziheng and my sister Enron , what a striking similarity .

stay 《 my sister 》 in , Sister Enron ( Zhang Zifeng decoration ) Go out to study and work , I have never met my brother anziheng , His parents died in a car accident , Just go home and deal with the aftermath , That is, at their parents' funeral , She and her brother met for the first time . Relatives at home are planning to let their sister take care of and raise their brother safely , Enron naturally strongly opposes :“ If I raise him, my life will be over !”

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