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400 million clicks on one leg: "human leg essence" Li biblical has an amazing figure. I admire this leg

2021-08-27 19:44:03 Oriental Information automobile

Maybe you won't feel very familiar when you hear the name of Li Bible , But when I say “ Jin Fuzhu ” Everyone knows who it is ! Yes, it is , Is to play with nanzhuhe 《 Weight lifting goblin jinfuzhu 》 The Ernie . Recently, Xiaobian is frequently reading the news posted on her social networking website , Because this Ernie is really ! most ! 了 ! Today, Xiaobian will give you a good introduction to how wonderful this Ernie is !

Lionel was not actually an actor , height 175cm Yes, she's a model , But because she's beautiful , So he was dug by the star scout to act . I am here 《 Weight lifting goblin jinfuzhu 》 I saw him for the first time in my life , The first impression of her appearance is that she is cute , A round face , Round Deer Eyes , Round nose and round mouth , The whole person looks very bullying , Special thoughts rua. Only later did I know , She gained weight for the play 20 Jin , So I curiously looked for the photos before she gained weight , Falling in love with facial features at a glance is still very cute , But the face has become more angular and three-dimensional , Compared with jinfuzhu , Still cute , But it's more sexy , Pure and lustful , It's really amazing !

The proportion of Li biblical figure of the model is also very good , Not to mention other places , Just looking at those big long legs, which account for two-thirds of my height, can make me drool madly . Her legs are slender and straight , And white glow ! It is worthy of being the envy of so many female stars in Korean entertainment circle “ Leg essence ”.

My friends must especially want to have such a pair of legs , Then you must control your diet , And be sure to keep exercising ! As long as these two aspects can persist for a long time , You will have such a pair “ Jue Jue Zi ” Beautiful legs . Xiaobian sorted out a few leg slimming exercises for everyone , Combined with a light diet , You can see the effect in a month , Collect it quickly !

One legged lunge squat

First stand on the yoga mat , The legs are spread back and forth about the same width as the length of one leg , The leg that retreats back points to the ground with your toes , The whole sole of the leg extending forward is on the ground , Keep your body upright , Bend your hands and elbows , Hands on the waist , Don't stretch your head forward or lean back , Open your chest to your sides , Look straight ahead .

inhale , Keep your upper body still , Bend both knees at the same time , Squat down slowly , Until the knee of the retreating leg is about to touch the ground , The back of the thigh of the front leg is parallel to the ground . Then exhale , Slowly straighten your knees , Move up and back to the starting state , Do the other leg exercise .

Stay as far as you can 3 About seconds , Practice on both legs separately 15 Time .

​ Lie on your side and lift your thighs

First lie on your right side on a yoga mat , Bend your right elbow , Support on the cushion surface with your forearm , The boom is perpendicular to the ground , Bend your elbow with your left hand , The palm rests on the ground in front of the lower abdomen , Bend your right leg and lift your knee , Put the sole of your foot on the outside of your left thigh , Keep your left leg straight , Turn your head to your left leg , Look straight at your left leg .

inhale , The inner side of the left leg exerts force , Drive the left leg to lift in the direction of regulation , Lift as far as your body can bear , Stay at the highest point 3 second , Then slowly fall .

Keep your body in a straight line all the way , Don't tilt your hips back and don't push your hips forward , Control your balance .

Repeat the exercise 15 Time , Then practice the other leg .

Both actions are simple , As long as you stick to it , It won't take long to see very good results , Everybody move quickly , Stop being lazy !

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