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Iqiyi love synthesis "love the dramatist" starts broadcasting, Wu Xuanyi and the imp Wang Linkai jointly create the script, but they encounter differences

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8 month 19 Japan , The screenwriter experience drama comprehensive interactive variety created by iqiyi 《 Love the people in the play 》 It's officially on air . The program is based on star experience and script creation , Qiao Xin & Xu Wei chau 、 Wu Xuanyi & Little ghost Wang Linkai's two trainee screenwriting partners rely on their own fantasies about ideal love , Or someone else's love story , Incubate love scripts together , Express your feelings truly . The narrative structure of reality show and film and television drama brings “ Drama pursuit ” The viewing experience of , Stars cross the border to create a love script is just the beginning of the program , The presentation of multiple emotional values is the original intention of creation .

Xu Weizhou and Qiao Xin meet old friends and recall their first impression Wu Xuanyi's imp Wang Linkai has very different personalities. It's difficult to talk across servers

In the first program , Four guests are looking for creative inspiration to experience life , Under unknown circumstances, two meet to form a trainee screenwriter partner , Complete initial “ Appointment ”. Xu Wei chau 、 It's hard to hide joy when Qiao Xin meets his old friends , Interaction is natural and harmonious , Talking about the first impression of each other is full of praise . by comparison , Wu Xuanyi's first meeting with the imp Wang Linkai was not so smooth , Whether it's the understanding of the film , Personal preference , All reflect their differences in personality , In the process of getting along, because of embarrassment and zero tacit understanding, laugh points are often triggered .

meanwhile , The life experience outside the play of the trainee screenwriter will directly affect the plot content , A flash of light may change the direction of the story , For example, the little ghost Wang Linkai saw the pet in the screenwriter's cabin , I immediately thought of setting a talking dog in the script .“ Play synthesis interaction ” The innovative model not only further increases the viewability of the program , Let them create a love script full of suspense , Trainee screenwriter and character emotion will also progress layer by layer , This leads to a multidimensional discussion space . Under this setting , The sparks between the work itself and the trainee screenwriter are endless topics , Both interesting and practical .

Close friends VS Zero tacit combination Create a differentiated partner to reflect reality

There are differences between the two groups of trainee screenwriting partners in addition to their relationship patterns , Because of age 、 type 、 Differences in experience , Their imagination of ideal love also presents different styles . Mature Xu Weizhou 、 Qiaoxin hit it off and refused to be perfect , It makes men and women form a strong contrast in their career and life , Create a lively urban love comedy ; The ideas of Wu Xuanyi and the kid are unrestrained , One wants to set the gender exchange between men and women , One who wants to present a virtual world , The imagination of the script is not on the same channel at all , Show their rich imagination .

Differentiated partners and film style , Let two groups of trainee screenwriting partners have distinct labels , It can bring different feelings to the audience . One side , Their collision in thinking , It shows “ Refuse the routine , Grow up together ” The view of love , The love story created by four trainee screenwriters has become a window into the emotional values of contemporary young people , From character setting to plot content , Have a distinct brand of the times . On the other hand , From two groups of trainee screenwriting partners themselves , It also aroused netizens' interest in “ Is there a story you want to make into a movie ”、“ How to treat the relationship mode of pretending to communicate effectively ” And other topics , People see themselves through them , So as to produce emotional resonance . As a gathering place for young users , Iqiyi has been relying on content and “Z generation ” Resonance at the same frequency ,《 Love the people in the play 》 Is its new exploration in the variety track , Iqiyi is concerned about “Z generation ” Like to decompress by eating sugar , Watching a variety show 、 Meet the yearning for love and friendship in the process of film and television drama , show “ Play synthesis interaction ” The new model can contribute a lot of sugar to young users .

8 month 19 The date of , Every Thursday at noon 12:00 Point love Qiyi sword nanchun 《 Love the people in the play 》 On time on-line , What kind of emotional view will the program present next ? What will happen to the journey of four trainee screenwriters to create love scripts ? Please look forward to .

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