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Some people say that people who really understand cars don't buy SUVs. Is this Tenable?

2021-08-27 19:51:12 Car loving Corps

Some people say that people who really understand cars don't buy SUV? Does that hold water ? In terms of market sales , In the past, the sales of cars have been rolling SUV. But in the last two years , With the development of independent brands in SUV The rise of the field , Make cars and SUV The sales volume is almost fifty-five .

Like this year 7 Monthly sales ,7 Monthly car sales 150 Ten thousand units , Cars take up 72.1 Ten thousand units ,SUV Account for the 69.2 Ten thousand units , The market popularity of the two is basically the same .

According to the title , People who really know cars don't buy SUV, So from the sales side , At least, 10 There are some in individuals 5 A fool ? Obviously, this is untenable .

that , Why are there such rumors on the Internet all the time , Think buy SUV Just don't understand the pronoun of car ? It has become a famous saying of truth ?SUV It's really not as good as a car ? Let's look for SUV/ The reason behind the opposition of cars .

Everyone has heard such a commentary before : Volkswagen has only one car : golf . Elongated is Passat , Renamed maiteng , Losing a backseat is CC, If you lengthen it again, it's called Huiteng , It's touan , Three more backseats are Sharon , Raising the chassis is Tiguan , Bigger is Touareg , Flattening is cool , Adding an ass is Sagitar , The shorter point is POLO...

Are you still influenced by such catchy brainwashing sentences ? Some people think that SUV It's an improved version of the car with a raised body , If you really think so , That's also SUV It's too simple to think about . I really think it's as simple as pinching a doll with plasticine ?

Speaking of SUV, Let's have a brief understanding of ,SUV The full name is Sport Utility Vehicle, Sports utility vehicle , It doesn't mean off-road SUV, Common SUV Classified as urban SUV More appropriate .

that SUV The advantages of , If the driving vision is good , The trafficability is better than that of a car , The space is spacious , This is incomparable to cars . however SUV The disadvantages are also obvious , If the driving noise is loud 、 Fuel consumption is on the high side 、 High center of gravity, no driving fun, etc . therefore ,SUV The advantages and disadvantages of should be discussed separately .

open SUV Although it's not fun to drive , Therefore, it is considered that buying SUV People don't understand cars , Only by driving a car can you understand a car, which is biased . Such as the best-selling models in the market CR-V、RAV4 Rong Fang 、 View of path L Models such as , They sell very well , Consumer recognition is also high , If you say yes SUV I don't understand the car. It's a little outrageous .

In my opinion , Buy a car or SUV It depends on your needs , If you often drive on unpaved roads , Need a car with good trafficability , that SUV It has more advantages than cars , The most important point , City SUV Not off-road SUV,SUV It can also take into account the comfort of the car , Therefore, there are no hardliners in daily use SUV The bumpy feeling of .

So said , It's a choice SUV, Or choose a car , It varies completely from person to person , Depending on the use environment , You can't just buy one SUV, Just label others , I don't think I understand cars , It's all bullshit !

We might as well look at it from all over the world , Look at the Americans first , The United States is vast and sparsely populated , After leaving the city, most of the roads are muddy , The road is rough , So Americans like to buy off-road cars very much SUV, Ma Lizu , The chassis is high , Through the good , This is in line with the national conditions of the United States .

Look at European countries , Europe is a developed region , Such as the United Kingdom 、 The French 、 Consumers in Germany and other countries prefer to buy pot cars , It's what we call a hatchback , Or a station wagon , But you can show them “ I don't understand cars ” Do you ? Back to the Chinese market , Off-road vehicle 、 Tile can cars are a minority in China , Don't you know how to drive a car in China ?

The above example is given to illustrate , Whether it's buying SUV、 Sedan 、MPV, Or an SUV or a station wagon , It can be determined according to your own needs , Not someone else's saying that they don't understand cars , It affects your actual needs , Do you agree? ?

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