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Based on the Great Wall lemon platform, Harvard h6s will be unveiled on August 27

2021-08-27 20:25:46 Oriental Information automobile

recently , We learned from the Great Wall official that , It's a brand new model —— The harvard H6S Will be in 8 month 27 On the 10th anniversary of Harvard brand day, it was officially unveiled . The new car is based on the Great Wall lemon platform , Its design is inspired by sharks , Will be Harvard H6 The car running style version of the model , Show your cruising posture .

From the outside , The new car has a new design , The front face is very sporty . The specific term , The brand of the car LOGO Small vents are designed above , It looks very powerful . meanwhile , The new car also uses a brand new “ Shark tooth ” Air intake grille , It has a large wind collision area , The temperament is very sharp . Besides , The car is also equipped with shark eyes LED headlight , When lit, it has a very cool visual effect .

The body side , New car adopted Coupe Style design ,C The roof line slides rapidly behind the pillar , It shows the streamlined posture of the shark . and , The car is also equipped with shark fin antenna , Create a very strong vehicle movement .

The rear part , The new car adopts the split matrix tail lamp design , It not only ensures the visual effect, but also has high recognition . Besides , The vehicle is also designed with a suspended tail and a high-performance deflector , It can help the vehicle effectively reduce wind resistance . It is worth mentioning that , The design of the rear surround of the car is also very exaggerated , The novel line design on both sides brings a considerable sense of muscle to the vehicle .

interiors , The new car continues Harvard as a whole H6 Design concept of , But there are some differences in color matching and detail decoration , It brings users a completely different visual experience . We can see , The interior of the car will use black as the main color , collocation Alcantara Sports seats made of materials and bright yellow decorative lines , It greatly improves the motion properties of the vehicle . configuration , New cars will carry 10.25 Inch full color virtual instrument and 12.3 Inch ultra smart touch screen , as well as HUD Looked up and show 、 Face recognition and other functions , It provides users with high-end intelligent travel experience . motivation , The new car will provide two sets of power systems: fuel version and hybrid version . among , The fuel version will continue to use cash H The harvard H6 Of 1.5T and 2.0T The engine , The maximum power is respectively 169 Horsepower and 211 horsepower , The peak torque is respectively 285 cattle · Rice and 325 cattle · rice , The driveline will match 7 Fast double clutch gearbox ; The hybrid version will be equipped with WEY The same as a latte 1.5T The engine + Hybrid system composed of motor , The combined power is 179 kw , Peak torque up to 530 cattle · rice , The comprehensive fuel consumption is as low as 4.9 l , The driveline will match DCT transmission .

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