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The new generation br-v of Honda's entry-level new car will be released in November, which looks like a reduced version of haoying

2021-08-27 20:25:52 Oriental Information automobile

Honda's cars have always been hot sellers , Although the latecomers have a lot of competing products , But it must be admitted that , As long as Honda comes out , Then it is synonymous with cost performance . Especially those who have fought in China for many years CR-V, carry “ eldest brother ”UR-V,“ Younger brother ”XR-V, Obviously already 15-30 The king's sales volume is in the range of 10000 . But if I want to buy something cheaper , More dynamic , Younger SUV, Does Honda not have it ?

There is no such thing as , After all, Honda's new generation BR-V It is a product positioned in Southeast Asia . As planned Ta It should be released at the Indonesia International Auto Show this month , But because of the delayed news of the auto show , So it should wait until 11 Release again in January .

This car looks like a Honda , Although previously released N7X Is defined as a concept car , But it's quite close to the state of mass production vehicles , After all, the outline has not changed . And cash BR-V comparison ,TA It should be a new attempt , After all, the previous style was SUV and MPV The combination of , But now this one is OK SUV, Look at the patent map of this car , You feel quite similar to Honda haoying , It's just a little smaller .

In appearance, the new car is similar to the one just released HR-V It's kind of similar , It's all the same LED headlight , The tail light is suitable for Honda's style and similar LED Light bar . It is reported that the new car will be built on a new platform , At present, on this platform CITY models , So there should be great progress in safety and control .

Honda knows TA In what areas are consumers most interested in , therefore Ta The design style similar to the old fit is adopted on the center console of the interior , Of course, Honda is also involved CR-V The smell of , The overall functional layout is different from cash . It's just a cash model 7 This version will continue to the new generation . motivation , It is expected that the new car will adopt and CITY Same 1.5L The engine , Maximum horsepower is 121 PS, The maximum torque is 145N·m. Ghost car view : Honda BR-V In terms of Honda's internal positioning , Positioned under Binzhi , Can provide 7 Seat version . Now it depends on the price , Do you care about this car ?

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